Best Damage / Utility for HDT waves?

2021.09.22 07:52 Wargigas Best Damage / Utility for HDT waves?

Lady kimi, urost and brogni for support, lydia for debuffs
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2021.09.22 07:52 Th3-Bastard NBA 2K20 MT for PS4

I got the plat two weeks ago and still have +2mill of MT in my account.
If anyone is interested i can sell MT.
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2021.09.22 07:52 Farkasok Moved my computer to a different room and now the monitor doesn’t detect a signal

I have a windows 10 computer I built myself, I can go into my specs if need be, but the issue is that I moved my tower and monitor literally 20 feet into a different room now the monitor no longer detects a signal from the tower. I tried using a different hdmi cable, tried plugging in a different monitor, different outlet, all no success. It seems my tower is the issue. All the fans are running, it was never on carpet, I’m praying the graphics card didn’t short, but I honestly have no idea what could’ve caused this.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.22 07:52 amorfati_erleichda Best authors like Tom Robbins.

I've read everything he's written. I've read most of Vonnegut and Christophe Moore, I feel like they get compared a lot although I still like Tom way way more. Jitterbug perfume is my personal fav. Send me some books!
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2021.09.22 07:52 progers20 GEAR UP - NOMAD- Master Horde Build and Tactics - Operation 8

You love him or, more likely, you hate him. The Nomad can be tricky to get used to and can require a fair amount of skill to use effectively. If you think he's worthless, he's really not. If you think he's a beast, I doubt you'll learn anything new here.
Assault Build:
Faze - executing causes Fear to nearby enemies
Execution Shield - damage reduction while executing and gain stim after the kill
Armored Shot - cause bleeding damage while stimmed
Consecutive Shot - consecutive critical hits increase damage
Powered Sprint - picking up energy heals you
How to Play:
Buy or pick up a lancer or retro lancer. Depending on your play style, either replace the gnasher or the markza. That part is entirely up to you. I've done it both ways with moderate success.
The idea is to play like an Infiltrator or a Blademaster. Flash an enemy and execute. I prefer meat shield, as it is the fastest way, but you can chainsaw or bayonet charge to your liking. Keeping a chainsaw lancer handy will save you from the cyclops or palace guard with a lancer ready to saw you in half.
When you execute, you will stim up (Execution Shield) and cause fear (Faze) in nearby enemies. As enemies run from you, you may execute them with impunity, causing further fear reactions. This is especially clutch when your base is being overrun.
Some of you are wondering why I would ever suggest Powered Sprint. Well, there will always be that Marksman, Demolitions, or Infiltrator that will nab your kill, leaving you stimless and exposed. The energy near you will supply you with a health boost to help you find cover until you can get back on your kill streak.
You will use the bleed damage from Armored Shot on scions, DR-1s, wardens, fliers, and bosses.
If you opted for the gnasher, you could swap Powered Sprint or Consecutive Shot for the Gnasher Proficiency card and take on the big guys. You will not trade blows like the Blademaster, but you can put some serious bleed damage on them, roll out and grab cover or hit an execution, cause fear, and repeat. Or, having cause fear, you can unload on your target with your gnasher with impunity. Focus on health perks to make yourself slightly more survivable. Consider ammo capacity and maybe critical damage, but you'll likely not get much use from this as most of your shots will be in your enemies backs.
If you opted for the markza, you could swap out Powered Sprint for Markza Mastery and take on whatever you want from within the base. Land your head shots and deal increasing damage. You'll never quite be a Marksman, but you can cause bleed. Aim, shoot, and move on, waiting for enemies to drop from bleed damage. When you lose your stim, run out and perform an execution to get it back and run back to the base. Invest in critical damage perks if you consistently land head shots. If you do not, you should try the gnasher build, instead, or just invest in precision weapon damage. Ammo capacity is always nice to have. Health you can take or leave as you aren't going to be exposed that often, and when you are you are gaining damage resistance, stim, or health (remember to use flashes).

Straight Marksman Build
Rain Down - deal extra damage when at least 1m (3ish feet) above the target
Consecutive Shot - consecutive critical hits increase damage
Acceleration - shots deal extra damage beyond 15m (50ish feet) away
Markza Mastery - extra damage and active effects with the markza
Intimidation - cause Fear to enemies within 5m (15ish feet) of a critical kill
How to Play:
You are still not doing the damage a Marksman would do, but you can head shot faster and still deal considerable damage. This build is good if you have the high ground on Allfather's Arena, Atrium, Blood Drive, Bunker, Canals, Clocktower, Command, Dawn, Exhibit, Forge, Foundation, Gridlock, Icebound, Lift, Mercy, Pahanu, Rail Line, Tomb, Training Grounds, Turbine, and Vasgar. The other maps are too flat and Rain Down will not be properly utilized.
Play like a Marksman. Get head shots and cause fear. That's about the gist of this build. Most people try this, decide it's not as good as the Marksman, and decide they hate the character. He's still probably better than you thought, and is especially clutch when the base is overrun. If you have a friend playing Anchor or Combat Medic, who will provide you with stim (see "Combos," below), swap out Rain Down for Armored Shot and you will deal way more damage, be much less frustrated, and everyone will benefit. If you are not getting the benefit of Acceleration (this is best used on Blood Drive when shooting across to the other set of stairs from either landing area), swap this card out for Lifeline, allowing anyone who kills an enemy in fear to heal and gain stim, keeping your team buffed and alive for longer. This is especially useful to Infiltrators, Blademasters, Protectors, and Strikers.

I Hate the Nomad and Just Want the Heroic Venom Markza Build
Fearsome Aura - increase the radius of the Fear ultimate ability
Terror - Extend Fear duration
Menace - executions recharge the Fear ultimate ability
Faze - executing causes Fear to nearby enemies
Lifeline - anyone who kills an enemy in Fear heals and gains stim
How to Play:
You obviously hate the Nomad, and just want to get him to 20 and move on. You probably should not be playing him on Master, if this is the case, but if you insist, at least you can be useful. Grab a lancer and execute everything. If enemies even get close to the base, use your ultimate. You'll keep the enemies at bay while your team picks them off while gaining health and stim. If you keep executing enemies in Fear, you will consistently have your ultimate ready for those times when you have to deal with wardens, scions, fliers, and bosses.

Harness Energy lets you can stay in stim as long as he's out getting shot at. This will allow you to cause bleeding damage, if you have Armored Shot equipped.
In Your Face is great for distracting enemies, letting you take aim without worrying about getting shot at.
Glow and Slow will reduce the speed on burning enemies, allowing you to land your head shots more easily.
Heavy Deflect and Blast Shield are nice for added defense.
Concussive Explosives will stun enemies, if he is using explosives, allowing you run in and get the execution or to get your head shots in.
Ultimate Battery cools down ally ultimates as the Gunner uses his ballistic heavy weapon.
Grub Magnet - is great for distracting enemies, letting you take aim without worrying about getting shot at.
The Hammer will stun enemies with dropshot hits, allowing you to call your shots or run in to get your executions.
Initiator- is great for distracting enemies, letting you take aim without worrying about getting shot at.
Cold Finish - when they're frozen, they cannot roll out of the way of your head shots.
Living Legend ultimate is useful for markza wielders with Armored Shot and Consecutive Shot equipped.
Combat Medic
Helpful Headshots can give you stim, if he is close by, enabling you to do bleeding damage, if you have Armored Shot equipped.
Get Up gives the Combat Medic and Marksman classes stim, if he goes DBNO and the CM uses his ultimate. Remember, if you have Armored Shot equipped, stim will enable you to deal bleeding damage.
Healing Bounty lets your Marksman class heal when killing the enemies the Combat Medic marks.
Cooperation enables you to deal additional damage to enemies your Tactician has marked.
Recharge Bounty reduces the ultimate cool down for anyone who kills the Tactician's marked target(s).
Interrogation marks all targets near the Tactician after he takes a meat shield.
Situational Awareness marks enemies aggressive to the Tactician.
Eagle Eyes enables the Tactician to manually mark enemies for the Marksman class to kill, further reducing his ultimate cool down.
Heavy Hitter ultimate ability will stun lock anything, allowing you to call your shots and build up your Consecutive Shot bonus.
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2021.09.22 07:52 chasinwaterfaIIs Does anyone else hear a roaring noise at night?

I woke up at ~5 this morning and through my open bathroom window I could hear the sky roaring. I thought an aeroplane was going past but the sound was too constant and even and went on for ages. I thought it might be cars but at the back of my house it’s just fields for miles. What the hell’s going on? It either sounded like a plane or an ocean crashing or like someone was playing an incredibly large white noise machine.
I live in the UK btw.
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2021.09.22 07:52 lord-spider-boy the incredibly meh collection grows!

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2021.09.22 07:52 TheGamingTurret How 'Complete' is your save file?

At launch I played the game to death until I beat the story and most of the Terrako quests and hit a 'wall' and stopped. When the new content came along I took it as a chance to complete my unfinished business with the game while doing some of the DLC stuff.
As of right now, I've got almost every challenge completed (even the hair width trial expert plus) and nearly every region is 'completed' except for central hyrule. I'm missing like four quests I think and I don't know why they aren't appearing. I got a feeling it has to do with Calamity Ganon.
I'm currently tracking down all the Yahaha's because I can lol It's going to be a nightmare for some of these levels!
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2021.09.22 07:51 boomthedragon $GREE Finally hit the threshold list after today. CTB high as the sky.

CTB over 100% low float, and short shares still carried over from the merger. Down almost 100% since the merger, and shorts have been stocking up on top of the ones already in place before the merger. Hard to borrow status, and now with hitting the threshold list, failed to deliver shares will have to be returned. If they don’t exist, new ones will have be bought.
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2021.09.22 07:51 moronphoton if only this were true

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2021.09.22 07:51 hows_your_day_goin day... 18? anyways it was a w

Good day. I cant stop listening to Lil Was X's new album because that mf is fiiiiire. except for the second half of course.
today was a great day, I made a minecraft server on my pc for me and my girlfriend to play on so thats fun
my toe recently got infected because of an ingrown toenail because I have been wearing shoes that were too small for me, so that sucks. I take antibiotics 3 times a day for that now. Im not able to do track because of it, but I think ill be able to go to the gym tomorrow. ready to get back on that "dolla sign slime" grind (that song is so nice).
if anyone wants to talk music hmu bc id love to
sincerely, simon.
keep your head up!!!
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2021.09.22 07:51 MStar189 Mira Jagannath finger-licking good

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2021.09.22 07:51 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 07:51 aLx1018 Selling a ticket for his Halloween show…

I have other plans that night so if anyone is interested I have one ticket. PM if interested.
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2021.09.22 07:51 AJZullu will shad do a video on the new Thor reveal in the god of war games?

in all honestly watching a few other people's explanations not having a ripped person is fine but I find the design to be too fat. Most arguments is that they wanted him to look like one of those strong men and sure they got the look right but is Thor suppose to be a strong me, I dont expect a Marvel thor but some where in between where they would have a gut, but an obeast gut that will slow them down. but they are a God, sure, then why do they have fat either? - some one like the mountain in game of thrones came to mind where he isnt really ripped and has some stomach fat.
basically current fat thor does look strong but not intimidatingly fast, that with some running around a tree he will tire out and lose his breath. have SOME FAT to show size but still show that he's fit and there's plenty of OTHER examples to find.
they already wreck the mythology so to claim that the body is "accurate" is just picking sides with no reasons. accurate and yet he does not wear any armor exposing his body straight up as well??? funny that, i dont think i need to say anything more
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2021.09.22 07:51 GraffThor Let's hold these beautiful!!

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2021.09.22 07:51 TheTrueTerrydactyl Low effort but I cannot get it out of my head

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2021.09.22 07:51 el_boufono How to smooth my object but keep it flat?

How to smooth my object but keep it flat? Hello Blender community! I'm pretty new to blender, did a couple of tutorials and I'm trying to do my first project on my own. I would like to make a 3D version of the logo of the company I work for. It's a bieg question mark ^^
Here you can see I used a cube to trace the main body. I'd like to keep all the faces "flat"to give a "metallic" impression. I selected all the faces and with "shift-E" I flattened all of them (at first I had a sub division modifier) the thing is that I'd lile the surface to be smooth, like not see the individual faces. I tried to add a subdiv modifier but it gives weird results :(
Any idea?
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2021.09.22 07:51 Hellosudeki Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With A Tank?

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2021.09.22 07:51 echko39 Solatars is a rapidly growing community with incredible art work. Get a Head Start on the Presale!

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2021.09.22 07:51 preamusingreddit263 I don't know why i did this.

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2021.09.22 07:51 RetrotheWise45 How the nine felt when they met us for the first time.

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2021.09.22 07:51 Shepherd217 New SMKE 229. Anyone have the new version? If so, any improvements, like the pivot area which was said to be thinner than the blade stock?

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2021.09.22 07:51 magicmermaidasmr [F4M] [Script Fill] [SFW] (F4M) Elf Yandere Girl With Low-Self Esteem Kidnaps You

Filled this Beautiful Script by u/yandere_enjoyer
Here is the Video
Hope you guys Like it.
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2021.09.22 07:51 weirdofromthenet Haha yall vetter repost OR ELSE-

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