Can some Hero vs Villain themed Matchups give Dialogue and Fighting Potential?

2021.09.22 07:22 Cute-Purple-2880 Can some Hero vs Villain themed Matchups give Dialogue and Fighting Potential?

Can Hero vs Villain themed Matchups bring us a very cool interactions and a cool fight between the two good and evil characters?
For Example: one of the reasons why I made the Idea of a matchup between Lin Chung from Hero:108 and Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill because It has a great dialogue between the two from Lin Chung not joining Esdeath (like my post here for example) and the two will give a great performance from all their abilites, skills, master of weaponry and their powers against each other (unless DB might make it the same as Gray vs Esdeath...)

so what do you guys think? are their other Matchups can give diaglouge and fighting potential? Let's dicuss!
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2021.09.22 07:22 NightRaven1122 I learned how to ride a bike at 22!

Took me about 15 minutes and I was up and going ☺️ such a small thing but I was nervous buying it and learning the same place where cars drove by and saw me but I got it done!
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2021.09.22 07:22 jakoneko [PC][1990s] Cartoony game; game box was designed to look like a cereal box, possibly point-and-click adventure

I have this memory of a game I always wanted to buy but was waaaay too young. I didn't understand how to order things online back in the early 90s, anyway.
It was a point-and-click adventure game that was very cartoony in style. I only ever found the demo for it so I don't know plot points or characters or anything.
The advertisement went heavy on the fact that the game box looked like a cereal box. I could swear at one point I read that Sierra was connected to the game. But I've looked all over Sierra's past games that they've worked on and I cannot find this game in any of their lists.
So really, the only things I can remember are:

If anyone can help point me in the direction of this game, I'd owe you big time. Thank you in advance!!
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2021.09.22 07:22 OkPomegranate4985 What is the answer for our pain?

I just posted a small sample of my pain…. I just joined this Reddit…. I was looking for something like this a place where men/women who can relate to the pain we all have suffered…. What will we do? What is the answer? I don’t have one for you…. But we can find the answer within our selves we always had the answer…. But the purpose of your life is to find that answer…. You are special you are strong…. Wherever you are in this world find some time to thank yourself for getting this far… listen time will always heal everything…. You may be in a dark time or your life understand this very moment or problem you are facing right now will only make you stronger…. Keep that head up and whatever this life throws at you… you can get through it because you have always been able to get through hard times… and that’s why you are breathing and that’s why you are reading this post…. Be strong never cold and follow your heart ❤️
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2021.09.22 07:22 phantom_vXx Picking just one major

I’m a high school student who is going to be entering college soon and I just wanted to ask, how do you decide on only one major? It feels like everyday I want to do something different in terms of a career path but I can’t have fifty majors, nor can I attend college for fifty years to obtain them. I have a few choices for majors but I just want to know if they could be the right ones because let’s face it, nobody wants to be disappointed in their college experience. Any advice is helpful.
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2021.09.22 07:22 OberstBahn Czech Dana

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2021.09.22 07:22 chancyjohnson Stuck with no hyperdrive cartographer expedition

So I did a big dumb and I traded my S level ship the game gives you for an explorer C class with more inventory. Only problem? It had no hyperdrive, nor can I make one or even get a recipe for one. I traded in a space station and no longer have my original ship. I can’t reach the second rendezvous point. Any ideas?
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2021.09.22 07:22 sexysammidge H:caps W: explosive combat shotgun

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2021.09.22 07:22 strolli27 Not even worth buying a stamp to send a letter to you.

I'm not sure I ever really fell in love with you, yes I was in love...but it was never really you was it? You did put on a good act for 2 years, making sure to manipulate any argument or disagreement by either pushing the blame to someone else, claiming ignorance or twist the narrative to fit your reality. I was clear what i value most honesty and respect. Tho I'm not sure you ever felt like you disrespected me or ever lied to me, huh? That would be too hard to face the truth of your words and actions, "overwhelming" as you say. Well I think there were plenty of moments where you overwhelmed me....Our first valentines day, mountain trip where my boss was in the ski lodge, St. Pattys day with in a downtown bar, down the shore when you belittled me in front of your parents, the "Arron Rodgers sends me DM's" night, hitting me multiple times and saying "u can't do anything cuz I'll sue you"....oh man in those two years I sure dealt with a bunch. But I really hoped those were just "bad nights" and not your true character.
turns out I was wrong and all this confusion is mine to deal with, after the BU you tried to keep me close until i wasn't valuable to you anymore than basically ghosted me. all i ever said was please respond with what you want.... It took so long and by that time i had already gone crazy with trying to understand wtf was going on in your head....but thats another thing. No one ever told you "no" before or called you out and held you accountable for the words you said. You get what you want from people cuz you got a pretty face....and when they dont act the way you want, well then they are attacking you so you cut them out....gone for good from your life. Well thats cool with me, no more benefit of the doubt, no more reaching out to you and no more of your BS. You've cut out more people in you life than I have contacts in my phone, dont you think at some point you'll realize your the common denominator? Get over yourself and grow up.
cheers tho lucce! Here's to burning bridges and talking shit to our friends about each other!
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2021.09.22 07:22 ExtensionMall8073 Startled teefies

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2021.09.22 07:22 im2scary Trying to add Vitamin C to a vegetarian diet.

As far as I'm aware, a vegetarian diet of Rice, Beans, and Potatoes (well seasoned) pretty much covers all nutrients except vitamin C. Potatoes add a small amount, but aren't practical because I'd need probably a kilogram of the stuff to even meet my minimum. I'm thinking simply introducing Jalapeños to my meals would be sufficient?
Side question - have I oversimplified my dietary needs? I understand Vitamin D, which will come from the sun, but what about other things such as certain fats? I consume a small amount of dairy, but I wonder if the fats from Beans and Potatoes would be plenty.
I am a 6'0" mildly active male.
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2021.09.22 07:22 FuzzyMufflerr Why does Zam betray Jango

I know it happens in AoTC just to move the plot forward to kamino, but is there any possible canonical explanation as to why she would rat him out considering how much they’d been through and how long they’d known each other
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2021.09.22 07:22 The_Outli3r Why Gabby Petito is such a HUGE story! Tim Black aka Joy Reid’s twin sister saying “White People are obsessed with White Missing Women”

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2021.09.22 07:22 Zvyyfmvylclyfaopun Resonance Sun

I often close my eyes when I'm listening to a certain playlist. You know, the one you made me listen to when we first met. It wasn't music I would normally listen to, but it grew on me. So much so, that now I listen to it on repeat some days. Most days. But I don't think I ever appreciated it as much as you do. I think it means more to me now than it does you though.
Certain songs are entangled with intense feelings and memories. Like the night we locked ourselves away during a thunderstorm. Rain pounding on a window pane. Hearts pounding with nervousness and excitement while we discovered one another. I remember you looking at my hand with such desire and emotion and whispering to me "I never want this hand to be anyone else's." That damn smile, it always broke me.
I know you meant that. I know you always wanted to mean that. I know that you can't.
Now, while these songs erupt from my car speakers and I watch the rain hit the windshield, I wonder where did things go wrong? Maybe it's true that it's all temporary. The good and the bad. I can't imagine things being better than they were. I know you're happy now and that means the world to me. I would give anything to be close with you again. Though, you know why I can't talk to you anymore. Because I want nothing more than to drive to your house and pick you up, playing that very song I heard back when you wanted my hand. I have to let that fantasy go because it's killing me.
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2021.09.22 07:22 Ob48fLD4 People who like to talk with their pets, have you ever told your pet what your name is?

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2021.09.22 07:22 abi_64 ig : gift.kittiya.memes

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2021.09.22 07:22 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 07:22 jre2 Recommendations for high budget gaming projector?

I'm looking for advice on the best projector I can get with regard to PC gaming on a somewhat high budget and few of the usual requirements people have for gaming projectors.

Stuff I've considered:
The Optoma UHD38 and Benq TK700STi are somewhat tempting for their ability to take a 120 or 240hz 1080p signal, but I've seen neither in person and I'm a bit worried about their overall image quality as I've heard bad things about their contrast and color accuracy. They also don't support a variable refresh rate, which in practice means the 1080@240 support isn't too useful and you'll probably just limit it to 1080@120 . Finally, neither really consume my budget- not that I'm complaining, per se, but I'd love to get something like one of these but better...
The Epson 5050ub I've seen in person and think the image quality is pretty fantastic but it doesn't quite have the super low input latency and high refresh rate the above projectors do. I'm also a bit concerned over the 4k implementation only being 4m pixels instead of 8m- I've heard it's hardly noticeable in tv/movies but I'm not sure if that really extends to video games and text. There's also the concern that it might get upgraded soon and I'm hopeful the 5060ub (or whatever it's called) will have impactful upgrades. That said, between covid shortages and things there's the possibility that might not happen for another full year or more.
So would you (for gaming) rather have the better picture quality (esp. shadow details) of the 5050ub or the better refresh rate of the UHD38/tk700sti? Or is there another projector I should consider? Should I just continue waiting?
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2021.09.22 07:22 Stevenburger425 Damn

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2021.09.22 07:22 Stefan474 Do I need a guide to unlock endings in Replicant?

I just started playing Replicant after finishing everything I could in Automatahelping someone carry the weight of the world, so I might be completely off, but I think I read somewhere on reddit about needing a spoiler free guide. Now the issue is I could be thinking about a completely different game and I am not sure if it's about Replicant, so is it as straightforward to go from A-E as N:A or is there something else to keep in mind?
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2021.09.22 07:22 JesseJames_37 #

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2021.09.22 07:22 Via_01 7.0 Story Theory - The New World

As a bunch of us know, 6.0 will mark the end of the Hydealyn vs. Zodiark storyline. Not only that, it'll probably end any lingering stories, such as those dealing with the Empire and such. I remember Ishikawa even saying that we'd say goodbye to several characters (this could either mean characters will die or that they'll simply won't have a big role past 6.0).
Now, a lot of people have come up with theories about how 6.0 will end, and many of these theories involve us dying or the world changing drastically and stuff. Personally, I think everything will end just fine. Maybe not for some characters, but we'll manage to make Eorzea head into a path of prosperity and progress. Whatever happens, it'll definitely mark a new era for the realm. And what comes hand-in-hand with a new era? That's right, exploration!
Hence, I think our next destination will be The New World. For those who don't know, the New World has been described as a continent far to the west, similar to the Americas in our world. It's supposed to be a very big continent, but we know very little about it. Hell, it's not even acknowledged in any maps. All we know comes from the Mamool Ja and the Blue Mage questline. It might be a very big part of the world, but again, we know so very little of it. It might very EXTREMELY big as well. It's a bit hard to tell, but the Endwalker trailer does show us a view of the world, and you can kinda discern the contients we know. But they only cover the 50% of the planet we can see from that shot.
As to why we'd go there... well, there might be a good reason, but our WoL began their journey as an adventurer, and what's more adventurer-ish than exploring a brand new, unexplored locale?
I honestly would prefer something like this over visiting another shard or going to a different planet or anything. As Graha Tia said in the trailer, the star still has secrets to tell. Just because we'll solve the mystery of how the world came to be doesn't mean there's nothing else to discover, or new threats to meet hiding in some far-away contient or far-away empire.
I dunno, I just think it'd be neat.
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2021.09.22 07:22 Rajulraj Is Nova 3i worth it in 2021? +Giveaway

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2021.09.22 07:22 janediscovers Smart Satoshi Surfers Know it and Say it: Bots Trade Bitcoin Volatility ... Ride Bot Trades and Take Profits like an Alpha Wolf!

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