Good time to buy Activision Blizzard Stock?

2021.09.22 07:45 SadStoriesOfficial Good time to buy Activision Blizzard Stock?

Hello! New to stocks/trading and all of this. I am following the major lawsuit that is going on with Blizzard Entertainment and I saw that the stock has fallen quite heavily. Would it be smart to buy stock now and hold for a few years?
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2021.09.22 07:45 TheReccher Had to make ma gag photo for Dashie, so I decided to go Daredevil themed.

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2021.09.22 07:45 No-Molasses-9929 I'm in a rough spot.

I have been trying to get into college ever since I graduated high school the last 2-3 years ago (2019 graduate,) the main struggle I was facing was actually trying to get my parents to do Fasfa. It's taken me the past 2 years to actually get them to finally come aboard (they didn't trust it being online and putting their information out,) while I tried getting a job to try to pay for college, COVID 19 hit along with the fact I didn't really have much forms of actually driving around since my parents didn't help me get my drivers license (I still don't have one even though I actively tried, but family situations got in the way from me actually learning how to drive and messed up my courses,) made keeping my one job I had for about a few months difficult and it ultimately tumbled down for me. Skipping to the present day, within the last week I finally got the information I needed, and I already had the college I was going to attend to chosen out (LWTECH, planning to transfer out into WSU for the Computer Science Program) and I am looking into getting into the fall quarter. (Desperately so,) Tuition and fees are due on the 27th.I had my Fasfa document processed today at my college of choice and was told my family made too much money for me to get a grant or something, and I have to get a loan, or nothing at all. The issue with that entire piece though was that the fasfa was based on the final year my mom actually had a job, our finical situation had always been rather precarious because all the way back in my freshman year of high school when my mom was working, she was diagnosed with cancer (she's a survivor luckily,) so it had a massive burden on my family's economical situation because of the American Healthcare system, other circumstances within my family further stifled the financial situation even further as time went on, along with the fact my parents made the dumb assumption I could get scholarships to go to college instead of paying it themselves (I wasn't the best student (not proud of that) and while I've been seen as smart, my academics haven't been the best,) I am in the situation where I can't really pay the first quarter of my college on my own while I wait for whatever loan I have to take to process. Which I don't even KNOW how I can even consider paying it off with having a job when I can't even drive right now, much less consider maintaining a job along with college.
I've been entirely stressed out this entire time trying to progress my life further, and I am struggling to really find any helpful answers for my circumstance. I have just been a bumbling idiot wandering through everything trying to make things work, neither of my parents even graduated high school (i am actually the only one in my immediate family who graduated on time,) so trying to walk through this all has kind of just been a nightmare for me and I stressed for my future and how everything is going to work. I don't know what I going to do and it's just been so overly bearing trying to deal with it all on my own. I am sorry if this seemed like some sob story, but I just kind of want some help with my circumstances. I don't know if I can even get current tax forms right now from my parents to help clear things up given how short time is and how everything has taken. Thank you for reading in advance.
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2021.09.22 07:45 PM_ME_ELASTIGIRL Black/student barbers in UCLA?

Around westwood, I've never found a place that gives crisp fades and lineups. Does anyone know a black or black-inspired barber that does those types of haircuts? Thanks!
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2021.09.22 07:45 pretty-pet-meylin New to Oracle cards, but been reading Tarot a little while. Any tips?

So I've been working on my Tarot readings for a while, and I'm getting pretty good at learning the individual card meanings. But I was gifted an Oracle deck for my birthday (she's currently in the cleansing and attunement process, so I haven't tried to pull from her yet). How do Oracle readings differ from Tarot? Is it primarily that the cards have less of a set or traditional meaning associated with them, so it's more flexible and open to the reader's intuition?
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2021.09.22 07:45 keepitreal230 beginner help feel like I’m overthinking it ?

Basically the title I’ve been doing a-lot of positive things lately to help myself and one I’ve been pushing off is meditation. Only bc i feel like I’m overthinking it so now I’m at the point my mind went totally blank what do i do exactly?
I know i find a quiet place where it wont be any distractions and do deep slow breathes focusing on them BUT whats my goal or what I’m aiming for how do i know when to stop how can i do it to get an positive outcome like releasing anger that i have for certain situations or ppl ? Or bad ways of thinking i have like how i need to stop caring what ppl think about me and comparing myself to others .
I see so many ppl saying don’t do it to much , have something to regain your focus (which i thought thats was why u focus on your breathing) , just sit there and actually allow yourself to think what ever your mind think etc so now i’m confused all the way around and need a beginner break down all advice will be appreciated!
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2021.09.22 07:45 highsis Is Cathay more powerful than the Empire?

It's all speculations at this point so there's no answer to this, I'm aware.

Reading into Cathay lore made me curious if they are more powerful than the Empire, the the most powerful human faction in the Old World prior to Cathay introduction. Does this official statement still stand? What do you think?
How would the Empire fare against Cathay?
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2021.09.22 07:45 Promist What are the 'big unanswered questions' in your profession?

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2021.09.22 07:45 Heel74 La Palma volcano opens a new mouth forcing fresh evacuations

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2021.09.22 07:45 johnrock001 Fire Force - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes

Fire Force - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes -
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2021.09.22 07:45 Unrealistic-cheese Can companies please start normalizing pride flags outside of the classic gay pride flag (I have nothing against gays or gay pride)

Like please, it’s great that they have them, but it feels uninclusive to have only allow certain sexualities to show pride.
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2021.09.22 07:45 sweetsouraxxx Need some positive vibes 🤗

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2021.09.22 07:45 Bllume Laggy and slow Project

So I've been having this issue for the past 3 days now after not touching my project for about a week and all of a sudden, the playback and timeline are very very slow. Sound also cuts out from time to time while it's laggy
I've done all the basic lower playback resolution, remove lumetri scopes.
My mate said that it's just the file because Premiere is really unstable.
Anyone have a fix for this?
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2021.09.22 07:45 BigBadBingusBorg Anyone know a good place to get hero card oricas? Primarily Faris and Increase

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2021.09.22 07:45 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist CHEYENNE AVE / US95; TO GO SB ON RAMP 09/21/2021 10:41:25 PM
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2021.09.22 07:45 FabianC585 Does anyone else’s store do “Pickle Surprises”?

Basically if a customer orders a sandwich with extra pickles but does not specify the amount of extra pickles they want we will shout “PICKLE SURPRISE” and grab a large handful of pickles and slam it onto the sandwich. Usually the amount of pickles is thicker than the chicken.
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2021.09.22 07:45 ac_penguin from the anatomical murex goals 👀 i’ll never use it though

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2021.09.22 07:45 johnrock001 Tokyo Revengers - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes

Tokyo Revengers - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes -
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2021.09.22 07:45 SweatyGenitals High heels are ugly

I’ll never understand the appeal of heels and why so many of my friends find them attractive.
They literally smash your toes together and, when worn enough, can permanently disfigure your feet and make them look like something out of a horror movie. Not to mention the permanent change in shape it can cause to your Achilles’ tendon and calf muscles over time as well as causing lower back, hip, and knee issues.
Plus, the way people walk in heels looks so awkward and unnatural. What if you have to run from a serial killer? Good luck with that one, homie. You’d better hope you’re good at waddling frantically
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2021.09.22 07:45 LeinOfW [28M] [friendship] I’m still looking for someone to connect with

Hey, I’m Leinhart and I’m hoping to connect with someone soon.
I am Mexican, I live in the west coast of México, my native language is Spanish and since a time ago I've been disconnected a lot because I'm working at home. I’m a software engineer, I work on my own as a freelancer, I consider myself kind, respectful and a bit(or maybe a lot lol) sarcastic sometimes. I'm good at listening but I must confess that my written English is better than the spoken one. If you like memes, you won’t be lacking with me, I share lots of them daily. My favorite movie/series genres are horrosuspense and comedy. I like RPGs, metroidvania and post apocalyptic games. In music I listen to a lot of 90's rock, but my spotify list have genres from metal to pop. I’ve always preferred to talk to new people face to face, but due to the current situation I’ve decided to make new friends online. Maybe here I can find someone to text during the day, call or maybe play online. I'm usually the introvert type, but when someone gives me confidence I'm reeeeally expresive lol.
If you got this far, thanks for reading, and if you’re interested in making a friendship, send me a DM. 😁
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2021.09.22 07:45 elite_bruv_is_cool throbber thinking what idea should he pick in #ideas and feedbacks

throbber thinking what idea should he pick in #ideas and feedbacks
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2021.09.22 07:45 johnrock001 Top 10 Anime of 2021 - Must Watch Anime 2021

Top 10 Anime of 2021 - Must Watch Anime 2021 -
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2021.09.22 07:45 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 07:45 teenstarlets_info 𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑟𝑦 𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠 𝑠𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒! :)

𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑟𝑦 𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠 𝑠𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒! :) submitted by teenstarlets_info to ChiaraTews_ [link] [comments]