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Gonna mail this in and see what happens.

Who's Gonna Tell Em: Over 40 Cars Lined Up Behind A Stalled Truck Thinking It Was A Turn Lane! 407,844 views. Store Clerk Gives A Female Pet Name To All Of His Male Customers! 292,578 views. He’s Gonna Be On Desk Duty After This: Cop Fails Miserably While Chasing A Fugitive On Foot! 455,064 views. World Star Hip Hop. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) is a song by The Proclaimers that was released in 1988. I’m Gonna Be is their most popular song. In 1993 it reached No. 3 in the US Billboard. "I'm gonna hurt you"- Shoaib Akhtar recalls battles with Justin Langer, Matthew Hayden. Pakistan's Shoaib Akhtar recalled his bout with the Aussies in the 2004 series. Anuj Nitin Prabhu FOLLOW. Get the new album & find a show near you. Twenty-something Nicholas is left to take care of his two teenage half-sisters after the death of their father. Now his sisters realise that their neurotic, ill-equipped brother is all they have. Watch all your favourite ABC programs on ABC iview. More from ABC We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres ... "Angel" (1973) "Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)" (1973) "I'm in Love" (1974) "Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)" is a song written by Morris Broadnax, Clarence Paul, and Stevie Wonder. Politicon, the Unconventional Political Convention, arrives at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN on October 26 & 27, 2019. Join us for a full weekend of Panels, Debates, Town Halls, Expos, Podcasts, Q&A’s, Book Signings, Comedy and more. Follow the StarTribune for the news, photos and videos from the Twin Cities and beyond. “The Chicago Bulls gonna make some noise. They’re making a lot of noise finally, yes,” O’Neal said. Now, Smith didn’t necessarily disagree with Shaq’s statement, but he shifted the focus to his New York Knicks, which O’Neal quickly laughed at. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.10.25 13:00 GunMetalGazm Gonna mail this in and see what happens.

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2021.10.25 13:00 smrvl We're live on Twitch! Come hang out and AMA/hear more about the setting!

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2021.10.25 13:00 Any-Size-6862 What are y'all's "safe foods" when you have a cold or when your stomach is upset?

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2021.10.25 13:00 ShortAlgo $INDI Awaiting Short signal on INDI

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2021.10.25 13:00 Olivethecrocodile Would you like to be on a podcast where you play Dungeons and Dragons and joke around with friends? Join us. We rotate who DMs and who plays so everyone has a chance to do both. Edition: 5e. Frequency: as your schedule allows. Editing: done for you.

Would you enjoy joking around with friends on a D&D podcast?
Are you a friendly person with a good microphone or willing to get one, who is interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons on a podcast? You’re welcome to play with us. We’re Firebreathing Kittens: a silly, light-hearted D&D podcast. Every game session has a self contained plot with a beginning and an end, and gets released as its own episode. Our members play every other week to every other month, as often as works for their schedule. If we’re laughing together on our show, then we’re doing it right. The main idea behind Firebreathing Kittens is that it’s all about hanging out with friends. If you’ve ever been watching the anime “Fairy Tail” and thought to yourself: “I wish I had friends who supported each other like that”, well, we thought that too, so we made it happen.
D&D Experience:
No previous Dungeons and Dragons experience is required. We do ask that you please purchase and read the 5th edition Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide. These are hardcover books published by Wizards of the Coast. The player’s handbook is about 300 pages long, but it's not written with the intention of being read in page order necessarily. Read the start of each chapter to see if your character uses those rules, rather than reading it in order of page numbers. For example chapter ten on page 200 has how to cast spells, a very basic thing all spell casting classes need to know how to do. If you’re playing a character that doesn’t cast spells, then you can skip that chapter. Use the table of contents and glossary to find the sections your character build needs. There are youtube tutorials on skills, for example Critical Role’s video “Handbooker Helper: Skills” and on how to fill out a character sheet, for example the Jocat’s video “A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] - Character Sheet”. If you'd like, you can listen to our episodes as an example of how the game is played. You can find our Firebreathing Kittens episodes on itunes, iheartradio, spotify, podcast addict, etc podcast playing apps, on firebreathingkittenspodcast dot com, or on youtube. Listening to an actual play podcast can be a great way to learn how to play D&D.
Standalone Plot Format:
Each week's four hour long game session of Firebreathing Kittens has a beginning and an end to its story. Because of this format, the individual adventures stand sturdily on their own. This is an “anthology” format. You don’t have to play every week to level up. Once you start playing, long term, you'll probably want to listen to the other episodes to see what your friends got up to, what the NPCs were doing, and how the overall season long story arc is developing, but jumping in and out of the campaign as your schedule allows is kind of the whole point of our setup. Each member is an adult with their own individual life, and everyone wants to have the freedom to play D&D as often as their current schedule allows, which may change. Players are welcome to play as frequently as every other week, or as infrequently as every other month. There is a big signup calendar at the top of the page we use to organize games. The group organizer posts new open spots weekly. Members comment on the calendar to join an open spot. You pick which weeks you play, and you can see who’s in the game you’re joining.
Long Form Story Telling:
Some people have commented that they enjoy long form story telling, and are not sure how it would work with an anthology format. Never fear, you can totally do long form story telling with individual episode anthologies. For example, Bones is a TV show where each episode is a standalone mystery, but there's an overarching story in each season. We’re a bit like Bones. (We're probably a bit more like Midsomer Murders because we get a bit wacky. (I killed him for the orchid! *screams!*) lol.) An example of a recurring non-player character in Firebreathing Kittens could be Hans Fessenden. He first appeared in Pixie Problem as a son of rich parents working a token job but who dreamed of writing poetry. The adventurers kinda ruined his parents’ business in that adventure. He next appeared in "One Year Later", where he was trying to make it on his own as a poet but ah, his poetry sucked, and he drank a lot. The adventurers had to deal with him as a sloppy drunk. He appeared again in "Sons of Anarcrud" after cleaning up his act because his rich parents had hired the adventurers to find out if the woman he was fathering a child with really was having his kid, or if she was just using him like a cuckoo to get his family’s inheritance money while having someone else's baby. "Pixie Problem", "One Year Later", and "Sons of Anarcrud" all used Hans Fessenden, NPC. So, that’s one way there can be long form story telling even though each individual story stands alone. Recurring characters are pretty common. Examples: Chauncey the butler, Uncle Algenoth, Simmond the Kind, Enzo Aarestrup. It just kinda happens naturally when there’s a character people love and you’re all collectively storytelling together.
Our game calendar looks a bit like this:
...8....Aug 1/2......DM Liam, Players Olivia, Noah, Emma....Sep1
...8....Aug 8/9......DM Mason, Players Ben, Jada, Elijah........Sep 8
...9....Aug15/16 ...DM Emma, Players Tyrone, Lily, Mason...Sep 15
...9.....Aug 22/23...DM Olivia, Players Liam, Noah, Ava.......Sep 22
...9.....Aug 29/30...DM Tyrone, Players Open, Open, Open...Sep 30
The week before each game, we make a poll for the three players and the DM. The poll says:

A week before the game, the four people who signed up on the calendar are asked to click yes on every time on the poll that they are available. If you would be available for at least six of those times then it should work out.
Playing vs DMing:
If you're never interested in DMing ever then this might not be the right group for you, but if you'd be okay with DMing at least once every five months then that would be great. You don’t to have any experience having been a dungeon master in the past; this is a good setup to practice and learn DMing. We like to rotate who DMs so that a diversity of thoughts and ideas and voices are represented.
Our DM rotation calendar looks a bit like this:
week 1......DM2....DM5 ......DM8......DM11
week 2......DM3....DM6 .....DM9......DM12
week 3.....DM4.....DM7…...DM10....DM13
week 4.....DM1......DM1......DM1.......DM1
Character Level Progression:
We like to do one year, one season. The characters start out at level 1 in January and finish December at level 20, having spent approximately three weeks at each level. That means that, going by the air dates of the episodes (which is about a month after we record them), characters are approximately:
The week determines the level of the characters playing in that game. You’ll be able to grow and develop your character through a full progression from level 1 to level 20 in one year. One year, one season. At the end in December, each player is welcome to record an epilogue for their character. Neither gold nor items carry over to the next season. You can retire your character fat and wealthy at level 20 in their mansion, retire them with a happy family, a business venture, or whatever epilogue you write. Or you can throw it all away and reset them to level 1. We had a player who wrote a wonderful epilogue for their character where they broke their pact with their patron and lost all warlock levels. You can listen to their story, it’s in the episode called Season 2020 Epilogues, and it was really well written. The player then started the character off at level 1 as a wizard, learning magic the legitimate way through hard work and study rather than being gifted the powers. So, you can either retire or reset your character at the end of a season; it’s your choice.
Here are some things you'll need to play D&D with us:

Improvisational Comedy (Improv):
Here are a few quick under five minute videos on the improv technique called “yes, and”.

  1. youtube dot com/watch?v=Qe2a3ppacUk
  2. youtube dot com/watch?v=DphjhudlZis
  3. youtube dot com/watch?v=NmafmRIeet0
An example of a less than ideal “yes, and”: Person 1: We are going to the zoo. Person 2: Yes, and the mall. Person 3: Yes, and the bank.
An example of a good “yes, and”: Person 1: We are going to the zoo. Person 2: Yes, and we see a hippo. Person 3: Yes, and the hippo uses its tail to fling its poop everywhere.
The difference between the bad and the good "yes, and" is that in the bad example, it didn’t really matter what Person 1 and Person 2 said. Person 3 didn’t really hear them. In the good “yes, and”, Person 2 and Person 3 were each listening to what came before them, which allowed them to build off of that and create a (somewhat ridiculous, but that’s how it goes sometimes) story, each person making every other person feel heard and validating them. Listening to the person who spoke before you and using what they said makes them feel like they mattered.
We welcome all accents on our podcast. A diversity of voices is actually a really great thing for podcasts because it helps listeners easily hear the difference between who's speaking. Feel confident that we will like your voice.
We see each other as lifelong friends. One of the best parts about playing D&D online is that even if you move geographically, wherever you move to you’ll have some friends who you’re looking forward to seeing again and who are looking forward to hanging out with you :)
How to Join:

  1. Be at least 18 years old. Listen to a few episodes so we know you understand the format. There is a great diversity in what the stories are like. You'll see. Example episodes that each have a different DM: A Pirate's Life, The Final Replay & Of Wedding Cakes and Giant Spiders (a rare two parter), Missives From A Corpse, How To Construct a Siege, Self Maid Man, Puzzles and Pickpockets, etc. Hopefully there will be a few individuals amongst those groups who you would enjoy playing or DMing with :) In general it’s encouraged that you catch up on the current season that you’ll be joining since that’s the overarching story you’ll be playing in and the new friends who you’ll be playing with. But if that’s too much to listen to then don’t stress about it. Once you listen to a few episodes, you’ll understand the format and the types of variation you’ll encounter from one game to another. We’ll be welcoming new members next week, next month, and next year, so there’s no rush.
  2. Send us an email at firebreathingkittenspodcast at gmail dot com asking to join. Tell us about your equipment: what microphone model you own (or asking for microphone model suggestions), and that you own closed back over the ear headphones and an arm style microphone stand. Also, tell us what you thought of your fellow players and DMs in the episodes you listened to. Lastly, let us know if you’ve played and DM’d 5th edition D&D before, and if you’ve got any improv and podcasting experience (no experience is required to join; this is just so that we know what supplemental info to send you to teach you about things). We reply to every new member request, so if you don’t see a response email in three days then we haven’t gotten an email from you.
  3. We’ll reply back with the standard support agreement our lawyers ask us to have everyone sign. You know lawyers; they always want the agreements settled first before we play, not after. Take it to a legal witness (most banks have a ‘notary’ or signature witnessing service for members for free) and sign it in front of the witnesses, then scan and send it back to us.
Support Agreement:
There is a support agreement to sign because yes we do monetize the podcast. No you're not going to make a bunch of money. But because some of our members are authors and webcomic artists it made sense to have a system in place where people could express themselves creatively with novels, audiobooks, and webtoons based on the D&D adventures they loved. We have several real books actively for sale on amazon people can buy that were based on our adventures. There's a chance the D&D session you play in could become a t-shirt, book, audiobook, comic, etc. When for example a book is published based upon an episode, the support agreement says that the people who DM’d the episode, played in that episode, wrote the book, designed the book cover, etc are the ones who get a share of the royalties from the book’s sales. Anyone who wasn’t in that episode and didn’t contribute to the book isn’t due any of the book’s royalties. Being in episode 15 doesn’t entitle you to royalties from a book based upon episode 89.
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2021.10.25 13:00 GrandsonOTF Is Amazon Es calm for eb?

Just ordered some AirPods to eb on amazon.es
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2021.10.25 13:00 Coltman151 Baitcast Rod/Reel for bass, $250ish budget

My dad fished a tournament a week when I was a kid, but quit before I was old enough to really get addicted to fishing. I learned on some very expensive rod/reel combos from the era. Recently got into fishing again. Currently have a two rod setup, an Abu 4601 C4 on a 5'6" Phenix boron M2 that I love. My other is a Lews Classic Pro on a Berkley rod from Walmart. The combo fishes well, but even 20 years later I can just tell this combo isn't as good as what I learned with. Looking to replace it.
For the rod: 6'6"-7', heavy/fast, prefer cork handles.
For the reel: LEFT HAND, 7.0 or higher gearing, low profile, aluminum frame, prefer aluminum cover plates.
Outside of that I'm pretty flexible. For examples I'm looking at an Abu Revo X up to a Diawa Tatula 100, and the Dobyns Fury/St Croix Bass X.
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2021.10.25 13:00 giveaways4 USA only, Heated Vest Women for Outdoor Hiking , r-fund after r-view, PP cover if interested pm me

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2021.10.25 13:00 dan_mal Advice on Application Architecture

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2021.10.25 13:00 Dalehjds The Kitten Lady’s newest foster, Isa the piglet

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2021.10.25 13:00 wyeyes Took the Avalanche to Yellowstone National Park for a day trip. It’s so convenient that the bed cover can be sat on-I believe each panel can hold 200 pounds. No, unfortunately, the girlfriend didn’t come with the truck.

Took the Avalanche to Yellowstone National Park for a day trip. It’s so convenient that the bed cover can be sat on-I believe each panel can hold 200 pounds. No, unfortunately, the girlfriend didn’t come with the truck. submitted by wyeyes to ChevyAvalanche [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 13:00 SpaceGamer99 does anyone know how to find out this persons contact details?

here is what accounts are linked to their discord:
Discord - Quackitys Shoes#7873
YouTube - Soph - YouTube
Spotify - Spotify – Alan King Spotify – Alan King Soph - YouTube https://open.spotify.com/usempcrkfp4vif7sik3f3hh10zvk

context - I used to talk to her a bit back in march 2019, but we stopped talking and I want to get back in contact with her. I have tried messaging her discord but she has not responded and is always offline so I am assuming that the account I have her added on is an old one. The other accounts listed below are the socials she has linked to her discord.
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2021.10.25 13:00 Dominyck When I take a junior partner in a personal union what will happen to their junior partner?

I'm playing as Austria and have the CB to restore personal union with Poland. What happens to their junior partner Lithuania once Poland becomes my junior partner?
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2021.10.25 13:00 SammyTheCrab99 What are some ridiculous stories of celebrity encounters? (similar to Freddie Mercury not being on Thriller because Michael Jackson insisted on bringing a pet Llama to the studio) ?

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2021.10.25 13:00 ShortAlgo $INFI Awaiting Buy signal on INFI

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2021.10.25 13:00 LostAd-01 CALC 2 over winter

Anyone know where I can take calc 2 over winter ?
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2021.10.25 13:00 rfitxcom Health and Fitness with Adult Party Cakes in Bakeries

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2021.10.25 13:00 SuchWow-bot SuchWow #4298 - a Fistful of WOW

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2021.10.25 13:00 pedal_deals_bot Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster - $190 ($175 + $15 S/H) 100%

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2021.10.25 13:00 spunderellax Chane before prison, Lacey & abusing animals

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2021.10.25 13:00 bight_sidle A bike stand built into a park bench

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2021.10.25 13:00 ImEbarrassing Dear enemy, lover, and closest friend of six years,

I can't believe it all ended that Thursday. And I still miss you. I still love you the way I loved you all these years. The unconditional love that made me forgive you for everything without any apology. The unconditional love that made me wait embarrassingly alone in the dark outside of a busy restaurant for longer than I should've. The unconditional love that made me still stay after you pinned me by my neck against a chain linked fence, choking me. Made me. I felt as if I had no other option because I loved you so much and I didn't want to loose you. You as a person. I've grown to love every version of you. I rarely searched for any other version than the one you were currently. I've only ever searched after you've yelled, punched, or slapped me. I searched for the times you would slow down to walk besides me even though you hated it. The time where it was pouring and instead of waiting we rushed through it even though you hated it. The time where you would be so gentle with me after hysterically breaking down crying because you hit me even though you hated it. I searched for your unconditional love even when you hated it. Almost the same love as I have for youm. I searched for your love for me even though you hate me. I never hated you, I just hated the things you do. I separated your actions from how it made me think of you. Now it's come to me searching if you love me as me. As a person. Do you love me for the same reason others say they love someone? Their love based on what the person provides them with that they cherish, is it the same as yours? Do I give ample attention, money, love, please, and laughter? I give too much and then you run. For someone new who could fit into the mold for when you just have "too much". It'll take me months to get over the made up names for our babies, wasted time on apartment hunting, and the time you said I love you randomly while at the pier. It sounded so genuine it's hard to believe it wasn't real. God I miss you.
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2021.10.25 13:00 LucyL705 Teas and tinctures for hives - any suggestions?

Hi herbalists!
Thanks for being such a positive and informative group. If anyone has recommendations on what herbs I should be trying to treat my chronic hives I would love to hear them.
The internet is a wonderful place, however, weeding through sites for ideas has been challenging since I keep getting the same one or two herbs popping up over and over. I’d love to gather some recommendations from real people. Maybe you have experience with a specific herb working well to aid in treatment for your own allergies or have simply come across some in your research that have anti-histamine or anti-inflammatory properties.
So far my mains for tea are Nettle, Yellowdock Root, and Chamomile, steeped and around 2-5 cups a day. I’ve just very recently started adding Nettle extract to my teas as well since my hives are ultra full-body aggressive and the herbs help!
Are there any others I should research?
Thank you in advance.
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2021.10.25 13:00 consciousbeast 🔥 16,061,973.8443 $HOGE burned from circulation in the past 24 hours 🔥

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2021.10.25 13:00 eddy0248 What is this material? I am looking to build something and order few more of these pieces. It is a solid block but little soft. It was sitting in the machine shop but not sure what it is. Thanks

What is this material? I am looking to build something and order few more of these pieces. It is a solid block but little soft. It was sitting in the machine shop but not sure what it is. Thanks submitted by eddy0248 to Machinists [link] [comments]