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2021.10.25 14:35 YourMom0112 TTC Advice

My boyfriend and I are going to begin ttc in the next 1-2 years after we’re married. What’s your guys best advice when it comes to ttc? I’m currently on Xulane birth control so any advice on when to start trying after I stop my BC, when to start taking prenatals, literally anything that gave you a higher chance at conceiving
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2021.10.25 14:35 xDabiiii My Queen <3

My Queen <3
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2021.10.25 14:35 Npd114 Why Apex should have built Mechagodzilla in a remote location:

Building him in a remote location, preferably away from bodies of water so Godzilla would take some time to get there, would be a much better idea.
Thus if they build Him in an remote area away from water certainly nobody would notice, Godzilla would take some time to arrive there, and when he does, the apex workers would be, long gone through a hollow earth tunnel.
Building him in urban areas near water like Pensacola and Hong Kong was just asking for Godzilla to find Mechagodzilla or Other people discovering Mechagodzilla.
Seriously, On that note, how the hell did absolutely nobody realize what Apex was doing?
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2021.10.25 14:35 sweetteamob77 Therapy staffing companies are preparing to hire temps/scabs for anticipated strikes in NoCal for November

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2021.10.25 14:35 thatguy26188 no invite discord server

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2021.10.25 14:35 footwit Полиция не увидела оскорблений в баннере фанатов "Пэлас"

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2021.10.25 14:35 Available-Course1570 Are these red flags? Should I go?

Sorry in advance if this is a long post. But here’s the gist. I’ve dated this girl since I was 19 and she was 17. I’m now 27 and she is 25. We got married 5 years in the relationship and we couldn’t have been happier.
We were a bomb ass, dynamic power couple that everyone was jealous of. We grew up together and we’re best friends. So 8 years in total of being together. Not a single complaint. We moved in together, got a dog, shared a bank account, everything. No issues anywhere.
However a couple years back she was questioning her sexuality. She said she was curious in trying women out. I supported her. She was conflicted and wanted to take some “space” so she slept over at her moms house for a night. She came back and everything was okay. She told me her feelings for me and the relationship outweigh an urge.
But, earlier this year she really wanted to explore women because she feels as if she got serious too quickly and didn’t get a chance to live her 20’s experimenting. Again, very valid. I supported her. She got a Tinder to talk to women. A few weeks go by and she’s acting different. Way more distant. Way more irritable. As if she was tired of having me around.
Bringing this up spiraled into constant fights about her not wanting to focus energy within the relationship, and her feeling stuck. She wanted an officially break break to explore this side of her sexuality she hasn’t explored yet. I recommended marriage counseling, she declined. She even brought up a threesome which she did not want to follow through on.
I supported her throughout this entire journey. But now she had me move out. And on my last day before officially leaving she told me she was also going to experiment with other guys too. This through me off and devastated me. I moved out. A month later, she confirmed there’s been at least 3 male sexual partners. No women. Some of the guys she’s been sleeping with comes over my house. And she sleeps with him on my bed. Our bed.
I can’t help but feel betrayed and disrespected. During that month I’ve been an emotional wreck and she’s out having fun in our home with more guys than I thought she would get with. She claims she wants to get back together when she’s done with her break. She just needed time to work on herself.
Are these red flags? Should I call it quits?
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2021.10.25 14:35 DrSayre “…If there’s been something swept under the rug, we’ll lift it. If a subject is cloaked in darkness, we shine a light on it…”

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2021.10.25 14:35 ana_diy D

It's a dark road, When youre not feeling yourself anymore. The brutal acceptance that one day I'll be gone. And please God, let you love me. Allow yourself to recall the person I once was.
In time, I'll find the decency to wish you farewell in person. I'll stop causing diversions, springing it on you as too little to late. We contemplate, how time has flown idly by. The lonely cloud has not been so lonely, in a world where I have been blessed by you.
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2021.10.25 14:35 xAznSwag Question Regarding HOGE on WhiteBit

  1. Am I supposed to keep my HOGE in my main balance wallet and not my trade wallet?
  2. How does redistribution work, aka the process? Will it automatically go into my account?
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2021.10.25 14:35 chicandskinny Tik Tok gone viral with stories about PC

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2021.10.25 14:35 Mikko_0 How did you almost die?

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2021.10.25 14:35 SubstantialAction918 Teenagers from Sudan... ( If you can still access the internet )

How do you feel about the military coups in your country?How do they effect you?
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2021.10.25 14:35 Jim_boxy Kids dinner tonight - left over salmon Sunday dinner turned into a frittata

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2021.10.25 14:35 zbyshekh What would you consider a real-life superpower counterpart from comic books?

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2021.10.25 14:35 BethAnnieT First book launch -- is December a no-no?

Hello everyone! I'm currently writing a cozy mystery and finishing up with book #1 of a series. This book is holiday themed (snow, holiday festival, etc.) so I was planning to publish on Dec 1. But I just read something that said never publish in December, because people are too preoccupied between Thanksgiving and Christmas to care about a new author's book launch.
What do you think? I don't think I should try to publish a Christmas/Holiday themed novel in January, because I think readers will be done with that theme until the following fall. Should I take my chances in December, or re-theme the book a bit and aim for January-February? Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.25 14:35 hummicat Halloween on Kalakaua

Anyone know if this is still happening?
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2021.10.25 14:35 Eig8t86 Forbidden jetpuff

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2021.10.25 14:35 magdy-abdelsalam-67 Damascus accuses Israel of launching missile strikes on 3 targets in southern Syria and threatens a military response

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2021.10.25 14:35 InternetsTad Fiadh is One Year Old this week!!

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2021.10.25 14:35 thatlonestarkid Moving to a new house and maybe I’ve got too much paint?

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2021.10.25 14:35 BootyDaBoy Trending today in r/all how is this comedy?

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2021.10.25 14:35 heimaey Iceland Trip Oct 16-23 2021 - a success!

I'm posting this here in case anyone is interested in finding out how my trip went, or to see if it gives anyone ideas for theirs or helps plan theirs in the future. I'm also following up on some discussions I had before going about the weather alerts and getting to the Westfjords.
First, a couple things. This is my 4th trip to Iceland. The first one was in 2004, then in 2008 and again in 2012. What I noticed most is that Reykjavik has exploded since my last trip in 2012. The town feels much more touristy and there are a lot more foreigners working and integrated into the society. I have never seen so many cars on the road and popular tourists spots had at least double to triple the amount of people.
I had initially planned on going to the Westfjords but a storm came and made it too difficult to head up there. I will have to go back some time for them as I've always wanted to go. We could have waited till later in the week but we decided to drive around the island and do the ring road instead. Something I hadn't done yet and am so happy I did. Below is the trip's itinerary:
Day 1 - hung out in Reykjavik and went up to the top of Hallgrimskirkja. Had great food.
Day 2 - drove out to see Halldor Laxness' house, which I highly recommend. Then went to do part of the Golden Circle, Thingvellir and Geysir.
Day 3 - headed up to spend the night in Stykkisolmur. Stopped for a hike in Grabrok and then tried to see some things on the Snaefells peninsula but the bottom part of the storm that was in the Westfjords was hitting there too. We walked up to the light house in Stykkisholmur and I have never experienced such strong winds. Watched the angry sea batter the shore and had a drink and a great dinner at Narfeyrarstofa.
Day 4 - leaving the peninsula was a big shaky as the winds were still very strong but locals assured us we'd be fine even though gusts were about 25 m/s. We had to be careful opening car doors but by the time we got to Blonduos for lunch things were better. But that was short lived. On the way to Akureyri we got caught in a snowstorm but made it through after slowing down and taking it easy and then spend the late afternoon hanging out at Sundlaug Akureyrar swimming and enjoying the hot tubs. Another great dinner.
Day 5 - drove out to Myvatn in a very wintery but gorgeous day. Did the diamond circle and then stopped and had a nice afternoon at the Myvatn Nature Baths. Then drove to Egilsstadir and had a wonderful dinner.
Day 6 - left Egilsstadir and explored the east fjords in the morning - more gorgeous than I imagined and had a wonderful lunch in Hofn at Pakkhus. After Hofn we drove to Diamond Beach and Skatafell and a few other stops, doing a sunset hike in Skaftarhreppur. We ended up in Vik at night which was a long drive and although maybe a bit too long for some.
Day 7 - headed back to Reykjavik. It was a rainy day so we took it easy and had nice morning walk on the black sand beach and then headed to Selfoss for lunch. We even paid a visit to Bobby Fisher's grave because we ate just down the road. Chilled in Reykjavik in the afternoon and had an amazing dinner at Matur og Drykkur.
Day 8 - Decided to leave early and head to the blue lagoon but it was booked. Had no idea you had to reserve now - never had to do that on any other trip. So we had lunch in Grindavik and drove around the edge of the peninsula and stopped at midlina for a quick walk before dropping the car off and heading home.
That's it. Didn't do all I wanted to, had to make some adjustments along the way but still a great trip. Thanks for everyone who gave me advice on here and there are two apps/websites that made everything much easier - and Highly recommend them both.
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2021.10.25 14:35 pedal_deals_bot Yamaha Motif ES 6 - $92 ($62 + $30 S/H) 100%

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2021.10.25 14:35 Leonboi64 we still believe

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