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Is the brand madness good?

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2021.10.25 13:08 KAYisntokay Is the brand madness good?

All of their deck graphics are sick so hopefully they're actually decks are good too
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2021.10.25 13:08 Moho_braccatus What's the worst illness you've ever come down with?

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2021.10.25 13:08 woulditkillyoutolift Steel Legion Kill Team Family Album, WIP, lots of kitbashing

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2021.10.25 13:08 ForTheMeems What is going on with Siri?

I have the 13 mini with the latest update. Siri wont respond when holding down the power button and when calling out Hey Siri she answers just fine on my iPad, but not my iPhone. I literally just reset Siri for this exact reason yesterday.
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2021.10.25 13:08 LaurenZNe To those that switched careers after 30, what’s the best advice you can give on “starting over”?

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2021.10.25 13:08 positivesource Fox News's Neil Cavuto 'begs' viewers to 'stop the politics' and get Covid vaccine

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2021.10.25 13:08 RMectrex Why does everyone hate 2042?

I actually thought it was kinda fun and have no issue with the specialists what so ever. Not like I stare at a corpse to check out the detail.
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2021.10.25 13:08 BCSbot Brazos County reports 4 new COVID-19 cases Monday

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2021.10.25 13:08 Sharin-Xv [FOR HIRE] Concept Artist & Illustrator - Open for commissions :) [Illustration/Fanart/Portrait/Character design/ sketch, OC] slots. Starts at 35$ Contact me if you are interested! links below or DM ME. Open to commissions or contract.

[FOR HIRE] Concept Artist & Illustrator - Open for commissions :) [Illustration/Fanart/Portrait/Character design/ sketch, OC] slots. Starts at 35$ Contact me if you are interested! links below or DM ME. Open to commissions or contract. submitted by Sharin-Xv to artstore [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 13:08 ActuallyContributes Did this remind anyone else of Golb in the new Marvel Eternal',s Trailer?

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2021.10.25 13:08 1ovemenow Quisiera algún consejo para poder desarrollar una amistad y sobretodo mantenerla [Serio]

Debido al confinamiento casi no me relaciono con personas. Sólo con mis padres y muy pocas ocasiones con amigos. Muy pocas.
La semana pasada no sé cómo pero empecé a hablar con un chico de mi clase (por chat) y fue extrañamente amable. Fue de la nada, parecía tratarme muy bien. Ayer vino a mi casa para que le prestara mi casaca para una tarea (extrañamente recibo visitas). Él es muy alto, lo que no encaja porque yo mido como veinte centímetros menos que él. No creo que le haya quedado la prenda, pero espero que le haya servido.
No sé qué hacer porque cada vez lo noto más amable. Para comunicarse conmigo inclusive me llama (yo nunca contesto llamadas pero esta ocasión fue la excepción). Sé que es algo normal para la mayoría de gente, pero yo no estoy acostumbrada.
La verdad es que no sé si estoy exagerando con la amabilidad o es que no hablo con personas.
Quiero aclarar que esta persona tiene pareja y yo aunque no hubiera no estoy en busca de nada amoroso.
Gracias de antemano por sus respuestas=)
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2021.10.25 13:08 Overall_Map1781 I'm not sure about this movie

Check out my initial thoughts on the trailer!!! https://youtu.be/L2yTB2CYmQQ
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2021.10.25 13:08 bagelzzzzzzzzz Elementary school cross-country meet?

I've heard from other parents that there's apparently a city-wide cross-country track meet for elementary school-aged kids at Mooney's Bay. I'm trying to find out more about this but have googled to the end of the internet with no luck. Anyone know about this, who runs it? Is it only for OCDSB?
My kid's school doesn't seem to be involved in this and I wish they were.
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2021.10.25 13:08 richterlevania3 Re-reading the entire series. Eithan is Will's pinnacle as a writer.

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2021.10.25 13:08 9320236 Lampent on me! Will add 10 :) 4298 4009 1008

4298 4009 1008
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2021.10.25 13:08 qubert-taranto Halo According to multiple sources, the Los Angeles Valiant are expected to be staying within the APAC region for next season.

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2021.10.25 13:08 regian24 Dumb it down all you like, the anti-vax crowd will continue to reject the truth. They are too stubborn.

Dumb it down all you like, the anti-vax crowd will continue to reject the truth. They are too stubborn. submitted by regian24 to WhitePeopleTwitter [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 13:08 ZoolShop ‘Brain fog,’ memory issues can last for months after COVID-19 recovery, study finds

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2021.10.25 13:08 Legend_GamerNo1 Yuzu Early Access 2160 Metroid Dread 4K 60FPS | i5 11400 + RTX 2060

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2021.10.25 13:08 Nothin_2_do_here Oh ! thank God you informed me before this I thought that if we will jump in pool we will get burn

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2021.10.25 13:08 Orange2218 Whose fault it is that some people are privileged while some aren't?

View Poll
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2021.10.25 13:08 goanchad Anyone like fat Mozambique guys here?

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2021.10.25 13:08 Yakhov CNN

News hostess Kate Bolduan of CNN just had the former Nixon Library Director on to tell us how the Biden and Trump Admin's further delay of the LAWFUL release of the JFK assassination documents is a win for TRANSPARENCY.
OMFG the blatant lies and propaganda these fucking Neocons are trotted out to tell US every time we get to the MEAT on the BONE is so beyond obvious, it's a tragic comedy. These news hosts that let these mother fuckers on and don't ask them relevant hard hitting questions are complicit in fascism taking over the USA.
FFS, Sirhan Sirhan is getting PAROLED and the US Public is still not allowed to know what the CIA knew? What are we a bunch of poopy pants toddlers to these people?! we can't handle the truth??
The very reason there is so much distrust in the Institutions these assholes hang their hats on and collect a nice pay check, Health care and FAT pension from is because they LIE so blatantly all the ducking time. THis is not a matter of policy or privilege, It's a god damn legal right that the public has to these documents that the PUBLIC OWNS. /rant
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2021.10.25 13:08 JPscrawlings Don't Go Near The Drains

Just off the beaten path, hidden in the woodland surrounding Norwich lies an old water reservoir. This isn't the type that resembles a lake; this is the type that is buried beneath a mound of grass, designed to provide water to the houses built around it.
It wasn't houses which were built around this reservoir, but a holiday camp. It was a small place, seemingly where caravans came to live out their last few summers before being unceremoniously dragged to the scrapyard. Still, in the early nineties, it provided a much-needed break from the monotony of suburban living.
Best of all, it was the same families from different corners of the country who happened to go every year. There was Thomas, Nathan, Daisy, Eddie, and myself. Our parents became friends and would arrange to do the same thing in the same place, and it was always the part of the summer holidays I looked forward to the most.
Each morning, we'd wake bright and early to explore the surrounding forest. We uncovered streams, trenches, ponds; we even uncovered a booze stash hidden away in the hollow of a tree. However, the one which still haunts me to this day is the reservoir.
The reservoir was exactly the kind of place a bunch of early teens would want to hang out. It was off the beaten track, with the temptation of an old chainlink fence surrounding it. It wasn't hard to find a hole or two in it; there was even a blanket thrown over one of the sections where others had clambered in to have a nose about.
The place had a sense of the forgotten about it. The old padlock on the main gate was still there, rusted in place. The grass which grew over the underground tank was unkempt, with thistles and foxgloves springing out haphazardly. The thing which drew me in the most was the gloom that surrounded it. Even on the sunniest of days, the thick canopy from the trees above meant that only filtering sunlight could make it to the floor.
There wasn't much else to it. There was a sort of small hut, which I imagined was once a break room for whoever came to work on the place, but that was now dilapidated beyond anything worth camping out in. Several small pipes rose from the ground, although the majority of them had been bunged up with mud or concrete. Then there was the hatch.
The hatch was a circular iron lid, which was bolted firmly in place around the edges. Of course, the boys always tried to find ways to pry it open, but the thing was stuck firmly in place. It soon became the focus of all of our outrageous imaginations. Nathan said it was stuffed full of Nazi treasure, while Daisy said she heard it was the Queen's secret bunker for when the third world war started. None of it was true, of course, but it was fun to think about.
One year we made our way through the woods, only to find that the reservoir was different. The fences had been replaced; the holes were patched up, the rusted padlock replaced, and the roof of the dilapidated hut had been repaired.
"You know we've got to back in there." Thomas said.
"Yeah? And how do you suggest that?" I said. "I don't see any gaps in this one."
Thomas winked. "I've got a plan. Let's meet here later, after tea."
With that, we carried on our day exploring the woodland. When teatime arrived, I wolfed the food down as if I hadn't eaten in days. My mother commented that I should chew my food, not inhale it. It was not the first time she'd said that before I headed out with my friends.
The sun was low by the time we met by the woods. Nathan, Daisy, and Eddie stood impatiently, watching Thomas; who stood there with a shit-eating grin on his face.
"Come on," Nathan said. "I've got to be back before it gets too dark."
"Alright," Thomas said. "Follow me."
We set off after Thomas, taking the long trek to the reservoir. Nettles licked at my bare skin, leaving red welts where they touched. I shook it off. After all, we were all excited to see what Thomas had done.
We arrived at the old reservoir. Thomas threw his hands towards a portion of the new fence. "Ta-da!"
The fence looked exactly as we had found it this morning. I raised an eyebrow. "What are we meant to be impressed by?"
Thomas grinned. "Just watch." He approached a lower section of the fence and gripped at the wire. With a few twists and turns, a section of the bottom of the fence came away in his hands. A section that was large enough for us to crawl through.
Daisy laughed. "How?"
Thomas put the cut wire on the ground. "My dad's always got his tools on him. I may have borrowed his pliers earlier." He flashed a grin then nodded to the hole. "Well, come on then."
We squeezed through the hole in the fence. It was smaller than it looked, and I winced as a sharp barb of cut wire dug into my side. I stood and smiled. Somehow it felt good to be back in here again, to be back in the place which had been our little haven in the woods for the past few years.
The new hut had seen some improvements, most notably a roof. The paint inside of it had been updated, and the old tiled floor had been replaced with an office-style carpet.
The grass had been cut back around it, and the scent of a fresh mow was kicked up as we trampled it. It couldn't have been that long ago it had been cut.
"Hey!" Daisy called out. "They've changed the hatch!"
That got all of our attention. I jumped out of the hut and ran up the hillock to where the hatch was. The hatch was still a circular iron cover bolted to a concrete casing, but now there was a clear but thick window built into the top of it.
We all peered down, hoping to get a glimpse of what we had wondered about for years. Inky blackness.
"Step back," Eddie said. "Let's get some light through it."
With this, we each stepped back and took our turn looking down into the clear window. The ladder which ran down into the concrete tank was clearly visible. When the light could get through the cover of the trees, there was a reflection off of something below. It was moved like water, but more viscous. A sheen appeared to lay on top of it, almost like the rainbow of oil in a puddle.
A noise came from one of the previously blocked pipes. It was the noise of violent rushing water, and with that, the oily water receded out of view. I peered back in through the window of the hatch. There was nothing but the ladder descending into the newly-vacated darkness.
"Did you hear that?" Daisy said. Her face was white. "You heard that too, right?"
I frowned. "Heard what?"
"The voice," she said. Her lip trembled. "From the pipe."
Eddie scoffed. "That was the water rushing out of the reservoir," he said. "Wash your bloody ears out."
"I know what fucking water sounds like," Daisy said. "It was something else. Like someone was trying to speak through the water."
"Oh yes?" Thomas said. "What did it say?"
Daisy's face softened. "Well, I don't really know. But it really sounded like a voice."
Thomas offered her a kind smile. "If that's what you heard, then that's what you heard."
"Maybe we could come back tonight and try and get down there?" Eddie said. "You know, check it out."
Daisy shook her head. "No way am I coming back here tonight."
I shook my head. "There's no way I'll be able to sneak out without my parents noticing."
"Yeah, I'm out," Nathan said. "We've got a barbeque tonight. Knowing mum's cooking skills the food won't be ready until midnight."
Thomas laughed. "Alright, you and me then Ed?" He pulled his arm across his face in a mock cloak. "In search of the phantom voice!"
We all laughed at that. It was what we needed, a dispersal of the tension. The rest of the day went by as normal. Nathan's mum invited my mum and dad to the barbecue. Nathan was right; the food wasn't ready until half eleven, and even then the sausages were burnt. Still, it was a nice way to spend a warm summer's evening.
I awoke to someone hammering on the door of the caravan. Dad opened the door to find Thomas' dad. His brow was creased with worry.
"Is he here?" Thomas' dad asked.
"Tommy?" Dad replied.
"No, the fucking pope. Who do you think I mean?" Thomas' dad caught himself, his frown breaking for a moment. "I'm sorry, Bill. Tommy wasn't in bed this morning. We haven't seen him." He peered past my dad and locked eyes with me. "I don't suppose you know where Tommy is?"
Something bubbled up inside of my brain, a gnawing sensation of worry. "Sorry," I said. "Maybe he went out to the woods early this morning?"
Dad placed a firm hand on my shoulder. "Come on, Dave. You know what the kids are like. Can't keep them out of the bloody woods. I used to head out to the woods myself when I was that age, camping out with friends and a couple of beers I nicked from home."
Thomas' dad's face relaxed, a smile crossing his lips. "Yeah, you're probably right. I've done the same myself." He looked at me. "When you see him, tell him to come back to the caravan. Breakfast is waiting."
I nodded, but no words came from my mouth.
"He'll be back by lunchtime," Dad said. "I guarantee it."
Thomas' dad gave a wave and wandered back towards his caravan on the other side of the site.
Dad spoke again. "You should really go find him," he said. "I know it's all fun and games to you kids, but it worries the shit out of us parents."
"I will, Dad."
Dad looked out from the door. "Looks like we weren't the first place that Dave visited."
Nathan and Daisy were making their way towards us, stony-faced and white as sheets. Nathan had a bag over one shoulder. I pulled a hoody on over my pyjamas and stepped out to greet them.
"You heard about Tommy?" Daisy said.
"What about Eddie?" I said.
Nathan shrugged. "His parents aren't up yet. If they went together, it makes sense they're both not back."
"Shit," I said, rubbing at my jaw. "Do you think they actually went to the hatch?"
"They must have," Daisy said.
Something dropped in the pit of my stomach. "Maybe they just camped out in the hut?"
"I hope so," Nathan said. "Wouldn't be the first time they pulled a trick on us."
"I don't like it," Daisy said.
"Well, I've brought this anyway," Nathan said, shrugging the bag on his shoulder. "Brought some bits in case we need them. Torch, rope. That kind of stuff."
"Are we ready to go now?" I said.
Daisy nodded gingerly. "As we'll ever be, I think."
Nathan put an arm around Daisy. "They'll be fine. Like we said, they'll be sat in that stupid hut waiting to jump out on us."
We set out into the woodland once more. The trees which had always held a feeling of fun and wonder for us now seemed to close in on us. The morning sunlight seemed to struggle to filter through the trees, and I found myself watching the foliage beyond the path as if expecting someone to be watching. Part of me hoped I'd spot Thomas and Eddie waiting to leap out and make us jump, but it never happened.
It wasn't long before we reached the reservoir. The hole which had been cut in the chainlink fence was open, the cut wire abandoned and stamped down into the dirt.
"Alright," Nathan said. "Let's get this over with." He threw his bag through the hole before squeezing through after it. Daisy and I followed.
I brushed myself off and called out. "Come on, guys. You've had your fun, it's not funny anymore. Tommy! Eddie! Your parents are going to fucking kill you if you don't head back now."
Nathan ducked his head into the cabin. He turned back. "They're not in here."
"The hatch!"
Nathan and I looked towards Daisy, who stood trembling on top of the mound. I clambered up towards her to see the hatch ajar, an old brick keeping it open.
Nathan looked down at the hatch. "Well fuck."
"We should go back," Daisy said. "Someone can come and help."
"Are you serious?" Nathan said. "We may as well go and get them, tell them to stop pissing around and all go home and forget about it. My dad's going to give me his belt if I tell him what's happened."
Daisy squirmed on the spot. "I don't know..."
I took a deep breath, peering down into the darkness beneath the hatch. "They'll never let us out here again if they know what's happened," I said. "Let's just try, shall we?"
Daisy sucked at her lip. "Alright, but we turn back as soon as I don't like it."
"Deal," I said.
Nathan wrapped his fingers around the hatch and heaved it open. He reached into his backpack and pulled the torch out. With a swift turn the light came on, and Nathan placed the torch between his teeth. He took one look down the hole, then descended the rungs.
I looked down the hole to see Nathan's torch flashing around at the bottom.
"It's okay," he said. "Come down."
Daisy and I descended into the hole. The metal rungs went down further than I had imagined from the top, and each time I looked down it felt as if I was not closer to the actual bottom.
Eventually, I reached the bottom rung. A dank chill filled the large tank we had entered, each noise echoing from the empty surfaces. I looked up at the hatch, the circular shaft of light seeming as if it were lightyears away.
"Thomas!" Nathan called. "Eddie!"
The sound of his voice echoed off some distant surfaces. Nathan passed the torchlight over the walls. In one wall was a tunnel, long and cylindrical, no doubt large enough to drive a car down.
"Do you think they're down there?" Daisy said.
A quick flash of the torch showed that it was the only way out of the reservoir tank. "They have to be," I said.
Daisy's breathing became more erratic. "I don't like this."
"We may as well take a look," Nathan said. "We've got the torch, we'll be fine. Maybe they fell and hurt themselves?"
"Nathan's right," I said. "And if they've been here all night, they might not be in a good shape."
Daisy took a couple of calming breaths. She clasped my hand. "Okay."
Nathan led the way as we entered the tunnel. The floor of the tunnel glistened, wet with whatever had come through it the other day. Occasionally we passed by grates in the side of the tunnel through to other pipes which dropped vertically into further darkness. Even with the torch pointed down them, there was no sight of the bottom.
"How much longer are we going to go?" I asked.
"I don't know," Nathan said. "We've got to try a bit longer though."
We trudged on further through the darkness, the chill of the underground never letting up. Daisy held my hand firmly, the both of us treading carefully after Nathan.
Nathan stopped.
"What's the matter?" I said.
"Do you hear it?"
I paused, listening. "Hear what?"
"Come here," he said.
Daisy and I stepped tentatively forward until we were level with Nathan. I watched the beam of light ahead cut through the darkness, revealing simply more of the seemingly endless tunnel. I strained to hear anything.
It was there. I could hear it. A muffled voice; distant, yet it was human.
"I told you," Daisy said, her words almost inaudible. "I told you I heard something!"
"Tommy!" Nathan called. "We're here!"
"Come on," I said. "That's got to be them."
We gathered pace now, feet splashing through the puddles of the tunnel. Although we made some decent distance, the voice still seemed to struggle to reach us in any coherent manner.
Nathan juddered to a halt. The tunnel the torch had swept disappeared, replaced by a gaping darkness before us. The tunnel we were in had ended, diverting its course into a vertical descent.
"The torch," I said. "Point it down."
The torchlight passed over the tunnel below, revealing that it had terminated in a gaping vat below us. This part of the tunnel was not empty.
"The liquid!" Nathan said. The shimmering oil-like sheen bounced flashes of rainbow colours across the darkness as the torchlight touched it. In the stillness of the tunnel, the wet slapping of the water at the sides of the vat seemed magnified. The voice came again.
Daisy clutched at my arm. "I told you I heard voices, I told you!"
Somewhere from below, came two voices that spoke as if their throats were clogged with ooze. It was a sound of desperation, voices distorted from travelling through a viscous treacle.
"I don't want to look," Nathan said, the light from the torch now trembling in his hand. His voice broke as he spoke. "I think they're down there. I can hear them."
Nathan was right. Although the voices were beyond comprehension, I recognised their timbre.
Daisy tugged at my hand. "We should go."
"Not until we've found them," I said. There were other voices now, although further and more distant. I held a hand towards Nathan. "Give me the torch."
He passed me the torch and I slowly brought the beam of light across the thick liquid below.
It was hard to see, with the sheen on top of the liquid, but I saw them. It took a moment for my mind to recognise what I was seeing.
They were there. Thomas and Eddie stared back up at me, trapped in the viscous fluid, almost as if entrapped in jelly. Their mouths were contorted in horror, eyes widening as they saw me too. The thing was, it wasn't that which caused my mind to burn their image into my head.
Whatever that fluid was, it had seemingly soaked their soft tissues from their bones. They were alive, I thought, but their skin was spread out wide like a canvas, and beneath them in the jelly was their bones. They floated, trapped and helpless, like jellyfish pushed and pulled by the ocean currents. Then I saw there were more.
Further down in the liquid, just on the edge of the torchlight were other faces, other eyes, all gathered in one stretched mass of skin. Numerous holes, which I didn't doubt used to be their mouths, were stretched back in that same eternal scream. Eventually, Thomas and Eddie would sink far enough down to join them.
The liquid moved. It pushed against the walls of the vat, slowly rising up towards the lip of the tunnel where we stood.
"Run!" I cried. "Run!"
I led the way, trying to keep the torch as steady as possible. I heard Nathan's ragged breathing behind me, Daisy spluttering out in terror. Further behind that, I could hear those dull voices echoing down the tunnel.
We reached the initial chamber, the shaft of light from the hatch above signalling our exit. I stopped, groaning as my body protested against any more movement. I pushed Daisy onto the rungs first, Nathan following her.
I held my torch towards the opening at the end of the chamber, watching for the liquid. It oozed out of the tunnel, dripping to the floor of the chamber and slowly spreading out towards me.
"Come on!" Nathan yelled.
I peeled my eyes from what came spilling through the tunnel and clambered as fast as I could. My limbs shook, tears running uncontrollably down my cheeks. I dropped the flashlight, but I didn't care. The liquid must have been close, as the torch never hit anything solid.
Nathan grasped my hands and yanked me out of the hole, Daisy slamming the hatch behind me. We stared at each other with wild eyes, terror sparking through us like lightning. Within moments we were on our feet again, tearing through the woodland.
By the time we got back to the caravan site, we were blubbering messes. Any attempt to describe what we had seen only caused us to break down further. Daisy managed to finally get the words out.

"The hatch," she said. "The hatch. The hatch. The hatch." That's all she said for three days.

The official verdict, in the end, was that we were traumatised by seeing our friends drowned in the tunnel. Apparently, our brains had changed what we actually saw into something which seemed unreal, to make it more palatable, like it was just a bad dream. I know what we saw that morning.
The police and sewage workers swept through the old system in an attempt to retrieve the remains we reported, but found nothing in those old tunnels. They fed cables and cameras through the system, only to find that the vat we had found emptied into further tunnels, and further again. After weeks of tracking the tunnels, they found a broken grate at the end. The remains were never recovered.
I never saw Nathan or Daisy in person again, and we never returned to the holiday park either. From what I had heard, Nathan turned to alcohol and drank himself to an early grave a couple of years ago. As for Daisy, I had no idea.
To this very day, what I saw has haunted me. When I walk down the street and hear the sound of liquid running through the grates of the drain, it's hard not to descend into panic. My mind turns to that broken grate at the end of the empty tunnel, and I can't help but wonder where whatever that thing was has ended up.
All I know is that somewhere out there, two of my childhood friends are part of some amalgamation of others, a patchwork of trapped skin and souls. I wonder if they still think of me. I wonder if their eyes still search for us in the darkness of wherever they are lurking now.
But please, whatever you do, stay away from the drains.
submitted by JPscrawlings to nosleep [link] [comments]