Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers

2021.11.29 00:31 johnrock001 Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers

Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers -
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2021.11.29 00:31 WallabyUpstairs1496 My favorite ruse, rival scammer Tony

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2021.11.29 00:31 lgats BBPOS International Limited Chipper 2X BT CHB2F (2AB7X-CHB2F)

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2021.11.29 00:31 StevenBeercockArt 'Beauty spot,' me, oil on canvas, 2021.

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2021.11.29 00:31 NorrisOBE Being offered a 6 to 7-day a week job with an RM2500 salary and no WFH. Fuck off.

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2021.11.29 00:31 kshotwell3145 First game with pyramid head and got a 3k he is the 2nd killer i have level uped and every played other than legion im gonna play ghostface next

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2021.11.29 00:31 kukkelii The absolute pitiful state of Jagex's anti-cheating and customer support.

TL;DR: $11, cheaters walk free, no customer support.
Day in and day out the same group of people sharing accounts in same location using the same cheats with several instances of documented video evidence.
Nothing happens. People brag about their ragging bots. Ahk is beyond obvious. Rwt is still in your face as ever. Tipoff email probably cluttered as fuck, but is that really players fault ? No. A seperate email for reporting cheating shouldn't even exist in the first place. If your in-game report function doesn't cover something, then it needs to be improved.
These guys (the big boy rulebreakers) already know the exact hours Jagex anti-cheating team is in the office and base things around that. Accounts are expendable so even if by some miracle couple get banned, they just move on to the next ones. I would bet a lot of money that the commissionstaking is only dealt with at most 3 people at Jagex and every single one of them works 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday.
Duel arena still seems to be the safehaven, especially in pvp worlds. How is none of the anti-cheating software flagging these guys ? Inhumane reaction times - they can afk for 3 hours then react immediately on a player appearing in a random location. You can be good at pking, but you're still a human.
How to solve the issue ?
First of all, this 9 to 5 bullshit isn't professional. No, I'm not saying anybody should be working over 8 hours, I'm saying that it has to be around the clock. Stopping someone from duping gold shouldn't require a group of people spamming the one or two jmods on discord who happen to have a messed up sleep pattern.
Twitter isn't customer support. It's especially bad when the people running the twitter account have absolutely zero power to do anything. They can't ban people, they can't lift bans, they don't even seem to give individual advice, but are forced to use the same cookiecutter for every issue. They don't even seem to pass things along unless they're a legal/billing issue or something really major.
If you physically can not function around the clock as a company, outsource some of it to a new tier of player mods. Screen them, ask for id, idc, but get people on board who have the power to ban for 24 hours or something on the contingency of the ban being reviewed by a jmod in 24 hours. A single case of power abuse -> every single account the player has gets permanently banned. Enforce some NDA shit too if you want.
And lastly, move on to 2021 and get a god damn live support option for those who couldn't solve their many issues with your FAQ jungle. Player clicks a proposed solution, couldn't find answer, click "still need help", boom, live support pops up.
I get it, if you don't dive deep into what's going on this area, the game is great. Relatively few issues, sure there's a content draught at the moment, but it's a fun game. But the current state of how players are left on their own with problems, cheaters get exposed and walk free and there's just no human interaction available to solve issues is alarming and unprofessional.
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2021.11.29 00:31 Anteateruwu My friends want to kill themseves

I have two friends who both independently have expressed suicidal thoughts. I did what everyone tells me to do: I told counselors and their parents.
Two questions: 1. How should I talk to them and try to help them? They often come to me to talk about everything they’re going through and I don’t know what to say except “that sucks” and “I’m here for you.” 2. I’ve scoured the interwebs, but what are some other resources to help me help them. I’ve considered training to be able to offer professional level therapy or sumthin to help them but i don’t even know if that’s a valid option or where to go if it is.
No idea why I’m posting on this sub but…
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2021.11.29 00:31 Pure-Experience-6531 Balanced my portfolio perfectly

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2021.11.29 00:31 hotwheeeeeelz Has anybody had any experience with weight loss drugs (esp those that also treat type 2 diabetes)?

Unfortunately, bariatric surgery may not be an option. Can’t seem to make a calorie deficit induce weight loss, likely due to endocrine problems & sedentary lifestyle.
Also, any endocrine tests I should be requesting from my doc to see what drugs may be helpful?
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2021.11.29 00:31 meme_sandwich_ Hello, I'd like to introduce you all to the lovely little Ophelia.

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2021.11.29 00:31 Tiagomelo00 Network errors

My friend can't connect in the most of the matches, someone knows what is it and how can I fixed?
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2021.11.29 00:31 AsianInvasian93 How many Gigantes Dolls do GP decks run?

My extra deck is currently: 2 Giant Grinders, 2 Heaven’s Strings, 1 Gigantes Doll, 1 Zombiestein, 1 Malevolent Sin,
Should I add another Doll? Thanks
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2021.11.29 00:31 MagicalnMystery Are you willing to coexist with other anarchist societies?

I believe the future is anarchists, and it will be like territories with anarchists societies, like ancoms, anarchosyndicalists, primitivists, feminists, and you guys. Are you willing to coexist or you will participate in the first anarchowar?
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2021.11.29 00:31 SchwanglyYieuntz 🍩 Donuts | Fair launch | Don’t miss | Low Mc | time to pump

Donuts , Missed the dog coin and the NFT Hype? Donuts is next! Get in now while the markets dipping. Based Dev Team. Fair Launch is in 1 NOW.
You do not have to do any special claiming process, every single transaction will earn you Donuts transferred automatically to your wallet every hour or upon contract interaction.
This token is a FAIR LAUNCH token, no presale, no private sale, no dev wallets. -so everyone has the ability to buy and earn at the same time.
Anti Bot / Anti Snipe / Anti Dump Tokenomics
Heavy advertising to start after launch, with crypto influencers across multiple social media channels.
♾ 100% SAFE ♻️ Buyback 🤖 Antibot on Start 🐳 Antiwhale System 🔐 Liquidity Locked on Launch
▪️ 3% Reflection to Holders ▪️ 8% Marketing/Development ▪️ 5% Autoboost Function
▪️ 4% Reflection to Holders ▪️ 8% Marketing/Development ▪️ 6% Autoboost Function
🍩 Contract: 0xDe2A7C70b0a79c8b5B979579Ca0Ecc6FCA02f0E8
🍩 Pancakeswap:
🍩 Renounced Ownership:
🍩 Liquidity Locked:
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2021.11.29 00:31 potato_rocket_05 How does the efficiency of barefoot running compare to efficiency with running shoes?

I have always used running shoes with thick, supportive soles when I run. However, recently I ran on a beach barefoot and though my calves and feet fatigued much more quickly I did enjoy it. I’ve been wondering how much of an advantage running shoes give over barefoot/flat shoes.
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2021.11.29 00:31 johnrock001 D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man -
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2021.11.29 00:31 mbeck45 Started drumming again after a 6 year break. Check out my latest cover!

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2021.11.29 00:31 diamondphoenixrap Does anyone know why I keep seeing things talking about Dylan being deaf ? Because of a lot of factors, it doesn’t make sense.

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2021.11.29 00:31 dumbnerd01 Something all of them need to learn 😂

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2021.11.29 00:31 mailman985 Thòrr’s prf and skills

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2021.11.29 00:31 Luboo221 My GM thinks I made up an excuse to not get a Covid test right away.

An apology for the length of this post!
I work at a fast food restaurant, we’ve been rather busy, and things are always pretty tense. My younger sister tested positive for Covid-19 the day before thanksgiving. I called one of my store owners and let her know right away, and she said to just get a test as soon as possible. Not a problem. I start to look for appointments in my car after clocking out, only to find nowhere is taking anyone in until Monday. I scheduled ASAP, and I call my store owner again to inform her, which she responds by saying “yeah, that makes sense with the holidays, just keep us updated and stay safe” Fine, so now I text my General Manager to let her know the situation. She insists they have walk in testing, that I couldn’t find, she was correct, but they had wait times, and basically had me calling until 5PM Saturday to finally be able to walk in and get tested. None of the texts show any concern for my family, as my mother tested positive the Saturday I was able to get a test. Every text she sent rubbed me the wrong way, and just felt off putting. I ended up getting my answer, when my best friend, who also works with me but on night as I do mornings. She confronted him, saying I was making up the fact I couldn’t get a Covid test until Monday and that it was all part of my scheme to get out of work. This infuriated me. She showed no concern for my family whatsoever and her only “concern” was me being stuck in the house, even though I’ve told her I don’t leave the house anyway, I’m kind of a hermit. I’m hurt that I’ve worked for this company for 6 years, and at this current location for this person for almost 3 now, and this is how I’m viewed by her. She views a lot of employees like this, to be fair. I call off at MOST 2-3 times a year, and even then only when I’m really sick. And she’s even made me come to work after trying to call off recently with a really nasty cold that left me absolutely exhausted, causing me to call off the next day so I could actually try to rest and recover... She’s accused me of lying before and never gave me a second to defend myself, and I can see why now. I plan to confront her tomorrow about it, and I’m not sure where to start. I’m hurt, my family means nothing to her, and the only thing that was important was how soon I could return to work, even though she knows how important my family is, as I’ve stressed it so many times at work. They’re all I have. I’m sorry about the length of this post, I’m very lost, anxious and I need to stand my ground. Thank you to everyone who responds!
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2021.11.29 00:31 EuphoricTrilby ♫ BRANDON CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN ♫

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2021.11.29 00:31 Jankenbrau The downside is that you would be Eldar

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