Uyghurs push for China boycott and bill banning some imports

2021.11.28 23:54 punishmentbrigade24 Uyghurs push for China boycott and bill banning some imports

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2021.11.28 23:54 Sturgen Any updates?

I haven’t heard any updates about Chucks condition. I really, sincerely hope he doesn’t have paralysis or permanent damage and I’m just curious and concerned but kind of scared.
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2021.11.28 23:54 PrettyCandidate Filled out DS-160 form 12 months ago, some info has changed. Would that be an issue?

Hi all,
I have my consular appointment in February 2022. Due to Covid, it took over 12 months to get in-person interview. Naturally, some submitted info on DS-160 isn't accurate anymore. Like travel dates and employment. Would that be an issue at the interview? Shall I submit a new form?
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2021.11.28 23:54 bachelorbitchh What does sprintf() do?

I have watched the walkthrough for pset4 recover a few times and I still don’t understand what sprintf() is supposed to do. Help please!!
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2021.11.28 23:54 Exciting_Pressure831 What is one thing you wish you could tell your high school self or you wish you know in high school?

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2021.11.28 23:54 Deamo22790 This

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2021.11.28 23:54 Federal-Dog-722 The Best Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Pictures On PC!

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2021.11.28 23:54 markt380 NKD: Hinderer XM-18 BFPU (Absolutely love the finish and colors)

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2021.11.28 23:54 Honeypotglow Looking for SD in IN

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2021.11.28 23:54 thistle_winn ISO rooted cuttings mitragyna speciosa (kratom) (atlanta)

too cold to ship, prefer local or contactless!
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2021.11.28 23:54 noelspeech What would your life be like if you didn’t use Reddit?

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2021.11.28 23:54 MarvinRayBurns from acrid, aging artisan to a portent prodigy of providence

Captivity’s Captor: Now is the Time for the Chorus of Conversion
Dear Reader, journey through the most exciting educational experience of my life. Please be patient and understanding as you accompany me, because you may not understand why I had my particular priorities or why I made some decisions. My story begins back in 1994, and it is from that time perspective that you may accompany me.
Welcome to my cave. It is a damp, dark, and dreary fourth-floor apartment where the dim light of an old television set continuously petitions my undivided interest. Yes, it, my dearest confidant is always there to greet me after work. The only thing as steadfastly present as the TV is total exhaustion from another ten-hour day of siding houses. Consequently, incapable of resisting its hypnotic power, I collapse into my recliner. The age-softened, albeit somewhat torn leather sensuously swaths my aching shoulders, once-broken back, and a bruised neck. Hence, I assume a nearly horizontal position, leveraging my feet to just the optimum height for both snoozing and watching. My mind assures my heart; my job is through for this twenty-four-hour life rotation, further assuming at best it is time to reflect on how much money I have earned, or at worst to envision all those things that I should have achieved in life. As a Roman Slave Master would have chained a galley slave to his oar, the absence of invention and poverty of purpose shackles my hand to the remote control. Here I lie, spellbound. Sounds and images cycle before me. Faster and faster, my forefinger makes love to the channel selector. The stations run their course at an exponentially increasing rate. As a condemned prisoner awaits the throw of the death switch, my mind entreats, haste the time when sleep silences reason. Then, as sudden as a coronary, my aching heart replies, Is this all that there is to life, one miserable TV show after another, bed, work, one miserable TV show? Of what benefit is it even to be alive? Of what good, to the world, is this mind? The deceased care not. They have no abated hope. The dead grieve not. They need no destiny.
No more! Frantically wails my dying heart, Mind, no more will you be useless and unproductive flesh; but creative spirit, have I made thee.
Dear Reader, let me break-in at this time and briefly take you back to my early childhood. My cravings for a sense of destiny began, in a dream that used to haunt me growing up. One long-since-forgotten night, in what must have been a divine calling, I saw a big writing board and on it was some writing and a number. In unimaginable trepidation wondering, what does this mean? I woke up with the impression that the aberration meant that my life had some meaning. Consequently, as a developing child, I always felt unmistakably set apart for some unknown purpose.
Now, Dear Reader, we shall move forward. We pass over to when I was in the seventh grade and first recognized my zeal for math in the open classroom of Forest Manor Junior High. My favorite teacher, Miss. Global, realizing that students bussed in from different grade schools would have an assortment of skill levels, taught math by using an individually paced program. With very little effort, by the end of that year, I was doing algebra. Math remained my strong suit throughout high school.
Now, Dear Reader, out of school and a stranger to “very little effort,” having endeavored to be successful in the military, in business, in ministry, and in general employment, I have lost all hope of mastering any one pursuit. Without single-minded direction, the ache for a sense of destiny only climaxes. Like boiling water in a sealed pressure cooker – soon something is going to change!
Today’s date is March 7, 1994; on this birthday of change, I celebrate another year of slothfulness. Here in this lackluster apartment the dim light of that old television once again summons my mind. Finding that something has changed, this bitter, old sloth finds his thumb, transports it all the way to the upper left-hand corner of the remote, and buries the off button into the plastic. Then as strange as it might seem, I begin to write out the powers of two. “2*2=4… 2*2*2*2=16… et cetera.” As if I totally lost my wandering mind and found a working one, I spend the next two whole years buying blank paper, squeezing the lead out of pencils, and wearing out my vision making math tables. In my imagination, the whole world waits for me to put all of its problems and solutions together. As for the present, I help no one but I see that in some numinous sense I alter my future and that of many others for the better.
Dear Reader, to help in this strange and yet glorious mission, I purchase my first computer (only a small pre-Palm, hand-held device) but sufficient for me to go onto the Internet. Not long after the purchase of my little computer, I start to post everything I know and then some on math message boards. Soon competent enough to answer many math questions, I develop a reputation for being a good math tutor. Through E-mail, I come across several mentors, who are professional mathematicians. However, my greatest mentor is not from the Internet. My inner self, the “Middle Me” impels me ever deeper into math. As the set of real numbers never ends, my curiosity becomes infinite. In like manner, as Jon Katz did set up the two geeks in the scrawling suburb, Richton Park, my hidden instructor sends me to a vast new world of numbers outside my cave (Katz 55).
Blindingly, after spelunking from my cave, I experience enlightenment surpassing all but my most spiritual experiences – exploring and searching out the secrets of mathematics. When curiosity possesses my imagination, I work besides myself with visions of discovery! One apex of this intoxication is the discovery of a mathematical constant. Dear Reader, you may retrieve links about my constant by entering “Marvin Ray Burns” into any one of the major search engines. Having said, “An enlightenment, which surpassed all but my most spiritual experiences,” perhaps my predicament of lacking in accomplishments would not be so expressively overwhelming if it was not for a time when I truly had felt perfect fullness of achievement.
Dear Reader, please allow me to take you back just a few years. One day, in October of 1979, while in the United States Marine Corps, I was born again and in place of all my drunkenness, vulgarity, and violence, I began to experience joy, peace, and love. Thus, I became zealous in a personal faith in Jesus Christ. I spent several hours every day studying the Bible and communing with God. Furthermore, the sharing of my faith became my favorite pastime. In search of great fulfillment, when the military clock struck 14:2513June83, signifying that I had completed my enlistment in the Marines, I began preaching full-time. Yes, I lived a high life, full of a sense of achievement. However, my sky-scraping days were short-lived, unfortunately, and in June of 1992, in deep poverty and overcoming debt, I departed from the ministry and gave up on what I felt was all chance of feeling useful.
Having spent two miserable years of exile in this cave of uselessness, I have finally woken up to not having to live as a stranger to value for the remainder of life. (It is time to wake up and smell the success!) I no longer have to be just a bitter old sloth. From this very day forward, I can devise new ways to let my mind work for me, others, and God. With a completely new world of professions available to me, I ought to initiate a process of preparing my mind for new service. The aspiration to re-embody myself with destiny is such an excellent obsession! As the two young men from “the poor unrelenting plains of southwestern Idaho”, I begin a journey of providence (Katz 4). As Eric and Jesse’s encounters were with the metropolis of Chicago, so from the poor unrelenting plains of my mind I shall move to a metropolis of ideas.
Dear Reader, it is high time for me to make a serious choice about school. Providence has blessed me with a second chance to further my education. Consequently, I can indeed relate to Katz’s story of helping Jesse enter the University of Chicago (Katz 117). Like Jesse, I am not proud of my high school grades simply because I did not demonstrate any effort to acquire good grades. Instead, I habitually made an effort to learn about only what interested me even though I knew that I was intelligent enough to get excellent grades. If I may brag, I was a successful member of the state champion Chess team and wrote a chess program for computers. I was a Junior Assistant Scout Master, earned the rank of Eagle Scout the day before my eighteenth birthday, and was First Trumpet in Scout Band. I even, in my junior year, graduated two-hundred-twenty-seven out of six-hundred-twenty-one. That graduation trick was quite a feat, considering I only attended classes three hours per day that last year of high school.
I guess a significant amount of talent and the desire for education was in me back then; I just did not care to take advantage of it. I knew more about computers than most college students did, so I could have gotten a job working on them – without college – if I had wanted to do so. However, more enticing was the possibility of enlisting in the Marine Corps and retiring in a short twenty years. Then there was the fact that no member of my family had ever gone to college. Actually, neither of my parents had gone to high school, and they sure were not going to pay me to stay at home for four to eight more years. Nonetheless, to be honest with myself, I guess the true reason I did not go to college was that I just plain hated school.
Now, Dear Reader, having successfully climbed out of my cave of self-imposed ineffectiveness and ignorance and have accepted as my own, the highest standards of achievement, I push myself beyond the educational limits that I have for over twenty years accepted.
In solemn introspect, Will I accomplish great things? Else, will the dim light of the television again master my mind and the lack of purpose shackle my hand to the remote control? Let no such thought protrude! I must submerge myself in study, not in inanity. I must press on because there is a place that I must get to, moreover a person I am obligated to become. In failing to become that person, I would be cursing each of the years in which I have lived. Now, Dear Reader, not only is it my destiny to be a legend in my own mind but more so, a legend of the mind. Consequently, as I progress through my middle age, I trust that my wit will only sharpen. Therefore, when old I will release reserves of wisdom to the young from a storehouse of knowledge.
More generally, Dear Reader, I do not know why my life takes this turn. Is it just a mid-life crisis inspiring me to begin a new career? On the other hand, is my crisis a part of a divine calling for my life? Still, am I just possessed with impulse and madness, or worse is it just random chance that I take this turn in life’s road? Whatever it is, it metamorphoses my listless existence. More specifically, the exchanging of my purposefully bankrupt mind, for one that can actually see into and improve the future, begets within me a craving for education. With the desire for knowledge, so comes promotion psychologically, socially, and spiritually. Most remarkably, an impractical little hobby like writing math tables indeed expands to become a symbolic token that I might never again feel so useless and unproductive. I now possess, more than ever before, a creative spirit and mind. Additionally, my overwhelming craving for a sense of destiny gloriously empowers me to create a legacy.
To follow-up, I bring you, Dear Reader, to December of 2001. Reading Katz’s Geeks I feel as though I am reading a metaphor of the very experience that caused me to break out of my hapless cave and go back to school. I have never lived my life in such a way to make it look normal, and I have always tried to be me no matter how strange that may seem. Therefore, it was with mixed feelings – the fear that you might consider me to be strange – and the anticipation of sharing my vision that I considered hosting this journey from acrid, aging artisan to a portent prodigy of providence. Having understood most people have given up trying to find happiness or purpose in their existence, I considered it my responsibility to guide this journey. I put hand upon keyboard so you too may sing my chorus of change and gain a greater hope of having a productive future. Finally, in the hope that you will follow my example of leaving the dreary cave of mental darkness, I commend to you, Dear Reader, the spirit of destiny.
Katz, Jon. Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet Out of Idaho. New
York: Broadway Books, 2000.
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2021.11.28 23:54 4reddityo Carrie Meek, pioneering Black former congresswoman, has died

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2021.11.28 23:54 My_Name_is_W 24F someone to talk cause in Brazil still midnight

I'm Julia and looking for someone to have a chat to try to help me sleep 💤💤💤💤💤💤 send me message haha
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2021.11.28 23:54 Aideen1023 What the...

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2021.11.28 23:54 tomdrakecanada Plastiq Review: Pay Bills with Your Credit Card but Are the Fees Worth It?

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2021.11.28 23:54 Kak_YT Hmm

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2021.11.28 23:54 Ok-Link2720

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2021.11.28 23:54 nerdybaseballplayer Attention 13-15 year old girls of this subreddit

What kind of clothes do you find attractive on a boy
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2021.11.28 23:54 Hootyyy Registeel 0000 5252 5402

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2021.11.28 23:54 Teaatnighttime Guild Chat

What do you and your guild talk about? Are you guys strictly WoW and personal life or do you ever discuss the news and politics or finance?
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2021.11.28 23:54 ClaymoreJohnson 32m not sure of my next steps.

Im 32 and have 3 kids under four and am happily married but this shit is making me miserable.
I’ve averaged probably eight .08 drinks a night for the last year and maybe five .08 for the past two or three years. Before that I was studying in college and supplementing my lack of alcohol funds by drinking hand sanitizer when I felt it was necessary.
My dad and several family members are recovering alcoholics and I know this shit is ripping me apart but I can’t bring myself to stop. I’ve spoken to a psychiatrist and started anti depressants but they made me exhausted and useless when I have to work full time and take care of three kids during covid. I went to AA a few times but I can’t get it through my mind that I might have to stop drinking entirely (I feel like I’m not as much fun to be around and have shitty social anxiety in general).
This is the most honest I’ve been to anyone except my wife and shrink when I told them I was contemplating killing myself at times. If anyone can give some advice otherwise I’d appreciate it.
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2021.11.28 23:54 friskursoopid jerry is gonna travel, sorry if it breaks any rule

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2021.11.28 23:54 OrangeDesign29 Book Recommendation request

I am looking for any book recommendations for an introductory survey history of China. It’s a bonus if there is a lot of great photos and imagery.
All suggestions appreciated
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2021.11.28 23:54 ButchBicepsOnWheels En una silla de ruedas

Hola. Primera, la típicamente frase, “mi español es muy malo, así lo siento”. Quiero visito a Costa Rica (y si que viaje es bien, entonces posiblemente puedo ir a vivir por uno o dos años si tengo suerte), pero yo uso una silla de ruedas. Cuándo yo miro a casas en alquiler, veo más opciones en San José que aquí. Es la ciudad de San José accesible? Que otros lugares son accesible por una silla de ruedas? Gracias.
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