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Crypto VC Fund Pluto Digital to Go Public in Reverse Takeover of NFT Investments

2022.01.24 08:34 TunesMedia Crypto VC Fund Pluto Digital to Go Public in Reverse Takeover of NFT Investments

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2022.01.24 08:34 Blahdeblahhhh Tried drawing my buns Angus and Oscar. I am by no means an artist, but I think I did okay.

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2022.01.24 08:34 josielook love this outfit! (Faceapp)

love this outfit! (Faceapp) submitted by josielook to crossdressing [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 08:34 Motherhazelhoff In UK the age of people dying is around 81.4 in general. The general age of people dying from covid in UK is 83?

Do you see what i see? Covid is not a serious virus at all anymore to the general public.
If you are obese or have cornobidities it still can be dangerous. But so can the flu and alot of other disseases if you have underlying problems.
People are too fucking afraid. Please stop guys. It makes no sense anymore.
In Denmark we have no more restrictions in a week because noone is dying from it. We have 40k infected each day. 6 million people lives here. Yet we only have 400 in hospital in the entire country because of covid.
Relax people. Relax.
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2022.01.24 08:34 boom_bloom Je li nezakonito snimati liječnika pri posjeti ordinaciji? (audio)

Tata mi ima 70+ godina, još uvijek je sposoban sam kod doktora (npr. opće prakse), ali često zaboravi pola toga što doktor kaže i preporuči. Pošto ja ne mogu uvijek s njim, bi li on mogao snimiti mobitelom ono što doktor govori, da kasnije može i on i ja preslušati? Naravno, to ne bi bilo po skrivećki - rekao bi doktoru da snima. Da li to zakonski smije, ako je doktor svijestan da se snima? Da li doktor ima zakonsko pravo odbiti?
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2022.01.24 08:34 TunesMedia Rich Dad Poor Dad Author to Buy More Bitcoin if BTC Dips to $20K

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2022.01.24 08:34 japanidol 手羽先センセーション / 手羽セン - 僕らの未来へ - LIVE ライブ映像 (2022/01/10@代官山UNIT)

手羽先センセーション / 手羽セン - 僕らの未来へ - LIVE ライブ映像 (2022/01/10@代官山UNIT) submitted by japanidol to jpop_group [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 08:34 MurderingMurderMan06 Hi guys it’s me back with another brand new video

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2022.01.24 08:34 toothlessloveyarn123 25 [F4M] Deleted throwaway account

Hi. If you're witty and alam mo yung reference, gets mo kung sino ako. Someone fucked up big time my other throwaway that led me the creation of this. So if kilala mo ko, dm lg. Lets have fun.
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2022.01.24 08:34 Altruistic_Parfait_8 ANA >2560 dense fine speckled from Hashimotos?

Hoping someone may have some insight here. I have no other symptoms now that my thyroid levels are under control. Is it possible to have such high titer from purely Hashimotos? I have been trying to conceive and this is how the ANA was discovered. All of the extractable nuclear antigens were negative. Thank you
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2022.01.24 08:34 Too_kewl_for_my_mule From building and pest report - does this look like normal insulation?

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2022.01.24 08:34 kawaiiobamasan My opinion of Cal actually being,, a really good person?

Season 2 episode 3 and Cal's backstory actually shows how slighrlt good of a person Cal is? Minus him hiding his sexuality and consistently cheating on his wife by having affairs (BAD HORRIBLE BAD NADA I DISSAPROVE), I'm surprised by Cal's way of taking responsibility. He got his girlfriend pregnant but took responsibility and didn't leave her or ask her to get an abortion--he instead (I'm assuming) got a job and made a family with her. Even tho having a relationship with his best friend is what he prob truly wanted, he did not choose that path, knowing that his best friend will find a better loving partner in the future. he chose to own up to his own responsibility even if he will never truly be happy with the result.
I think he is still kinda shitty for lying and not trying to find a solution to his problems. He should always be honest, but given his troubled circumstance, I think he is doing a good job of being a decent dad who looks out for his family. (maybe if he didn't have affairs in the first place it would've def been a better childhood for nate) BUT YA. Cal never tried to traumatize his son or make him feel that way towards him. And its visible that he loves, supports, and cares for his son more than anybody, which Cal's Dad didn't do for him. I rlly wanna see how he'd be after character development.
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2022.01.24 08:34 CorDa616 [Spoiler] Very happy with No Way Home

I am not usually one to post about a movie I watched, but I have to say the absolute dedication to get the original actors into their respective roles is awesome.
In my opinion, this is one of the best Marvel Movies purely due to the amount of effort to appease the fans.
I can't relate to comics as I do not read them, but they did a solid on the multiverse and did NOT change the actors.
Well done Marvel!
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2022.01.24 08:34 ByRitz Siteground(GoGeek) vs (Vultr/DigitalOcean)

I'm currently using the siteground gogeek plan, but I want better performance. I'm thinking about moving my websites to VultDigitalOcean because I have heard it is faster than siteground, especially the TTFB. Siteground is also a lot more expensive, So... What are your thoughts on this? Is VultDigitalOcean better than siteground or not... Or do you recommend another solution?
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2022.01.24 08:34 kattrinee Any info on this racist POS?

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2022.01.24 08:34 TunesMedia Fantom Network’s DeFi Ecosystem Is Now Crypto’s Third-Largest

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2022.01.24 08:34 AstralDemoNEater What is my mindset like? Maybe some type has this?

English is not my native language, but I try.
So far, my working version that I`m ESFP. But I can't understand one main thing for myself... whether they think in this way. I guess I'm Ni-dom. For me especially important opinion of INTJ.
I constantly feel in my head something like... almost invisible whirlpool.
Before, I thought, that it was my misperception of physical sensations and emotions. But I was very wrong. Even now, that I have regained contact with my sensations, I still feel it. It's like a whirlpool that attracts disparate pieces of information into itself, so that they suddenly gather on their own into something incredibly ingenious. And I'm like - How did I even guess before that ?!
As example. At work, it was necessary to assemble a complex device. But instructions could not be found. While everyone was looking for instructions, I just randomly compared the parts with each other, until I suddenly realized principle of construction, and without instructions I assembled the device correctly. I was in complete shock. As a child, this happened to me often. And I liked puzzles, where riddles are physical, and I have infinite amount of time, to rearrange parts between themselves, until I understand the rules for how this riddle works. So I can guess a lot of things.
I often had, when I analyze some plots, and I think - It would be great if scriptwriters realized such a plot twist and introduced such characters, because it`s so logical. And all of a sudden it appears. And I'm like - OMG, I see the future?! This is how I deal with all tasks. Physical ones, well, or those with which I can interact, are easier to solve. It's always the same principle, I just randomly rearrange pieces, until brain suddenly sees a pattern in it, and I feel - This is the right way. Then I will begin to follow my feeling, and correctly solve the riddle. I call it the feeling - flow.
And this feeling, which I have felt all my life, worries me the most. That is why I consider myself stupid. I have been collecting this information for a long time, and until I understand principle of work, I will be very clumsy and unsure of myself. And when I do, I will automatically use that pattern with great accuracy.
As an example, at carnival there was a shooting gallery, into which you could throw balls. I have already thrown balls before, and knew what position, what stance, and what distance I needed. So I threw everything at target the first time, without any problems, and got best prize. And then, for second time, I did everything in exactly same way, without changing anything in scheme of my movements, since I felt that this was only true scheme. And won first prize again. And when I did it again. And gift manager politely asked me to stop. Lol
Or when I was at the shooting range, and they gave me a gun. I, even before instructor told me what to do, stood up and fired right on target. Since I have seen many times how other people did it. The instructor was very surprised, and he thought that I had shot many times before. But I do it completely unconsciously. And it worries me a lot. That is why I want to find my true type of personality, in order to understand what is happening to me. That is why I consider myself an intuitive. It`s like if I`m in aquarium, in center of this whirlpool, which captures random things around, itself until they gather into a general principle of operation. And that's why I try to observe more than act. Although, I also like to act and be impulsive, then I don’t feel this whirlpool in my head, but then I become very stupid and short-sighted. Usually with friends I just like to follow them and have fun. As a child, I did really stupid, and not always legal things, because I looked at my buddies, and I thought, that if they were having fun, then we were doing everything right.
When I was a cook, I couldn't exactly repeat the actions. After all, even if I saw them many times, I did not understand principle of work. And a few times I even hurt myself. And it infuriates me. If I don't understand the principle, everything falls out of my hands. If I understand, then I do everything accurately and quickly. But it's all very intuitive. It's just that brain suddenly understands the exact time, speed and direction of movement. Because of this, for me very difficult with theoretical things. I don't feel the facts, I can't turn and move them to understand how they work. And worst thing, that information can be false. It`s inconceivable to me, that details of the riddle could be wrong.

I have a suspicion, that I have been mistyped based on, what I often say about the big picture, and how I feel.
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2022.01.24 08:34 Memes_Justmemes Help me out🐯🐮

Tiger or Bull mask?
View Poll
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2022.01.24 08:34 rogueplayer24 Looking for someone who knows deepl machine learning

I need someone who knows machine learning to help me develop the product for my startup. DM me. Will be a paid job
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2022.01.24 08:34 argykaris Ambient Unicorn ­- The most elusive ambient collection, where the sound should be as ignorable as it is interesting! Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Sigur Ros, William Basinski, Radiohead, Broken Peak, Endless Melancholy, and more!

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2022.01.24 08:34 Pewdsgamers Why does this guy have so many live followers?

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2022.01.24 08:34 Zvonia Hardcore Survival Modified

The original Hardcore server on Xbox, which has been running consistently for the past 2 years !!
Been running for that long has taught us one thing ! What matters is not the “settings” so much No, what really matters is You and that you have a place where you feel you belong..
That being said We are not catering to the masses but individuals who are looking for a chill place which they can call home.. Our Server is PVE focused but No rules apply!
In addition to our DayZ server we also cover The Forest with a public server for those who love to hug trees , I mean CUT trees 😋
Sounds like your cup of tea ? Stay safe regardless Survivor !
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2022.01.24 08:34 breinbanaan Daniel Wang just deleted "Tari" and deleted afterwards

Daniel Wang just deleted "Tari" and deleted afterwards.
Tari website: tari.com
Tari enables creators to design new types of stories and experiences. Someday a mesmerizing and digitally scarce asset or collectible you covet will unlock new business opportunities for the creator and a new world of possibilities for you. This asset will be issued on Tari. Tari is built in Rust, private by default, and open source.
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2022.01.24 08:34 ReallyFnCleverName Last night Mahomes passed Troy Aikman and Rodger Staubach for career passing TDs in the playoffs. He now has 25 and only needs 5 more to be in the top 10 all-time.

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2022.01.24 08:34 TunesMedia Cosmos, Chainlink, GALA Price Analysis: 24 January

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