I own this

2022.01.24 08:47 whyaretherenonames1 I own this

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2022.01.24 08:47 niuz-bot Presa spaniolă anunță că UE ia în calcul decuplarea de la petrolul și gazele din Rusia ca sancțiune pentru o eventuală invazie în Ucraina, banca Goldman Sachs avertizează că decizia ar duce la o explozie a prețurilor - [Analize]

Publicația spaniolă El Pais scrie că liderii UE discută în acest zile despre pachetul de sancțiuni economice la adresa Rusiei dacă Moscova începe o nouă… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/presa-spaniola-anunta-ca-ue-ia-in-calcul-decuplarea-de-la-petrolul-si-gazele-din-rusia-ca-sanctiune-pentru-o-eventuala-invazie-in-ucraina-banca-goldman-sachs-avertizeaza-ca-decizia-ar-duce-la-o-explo.html
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2022.01.24 08:47 zer0AK made my own junimo with a mask, who wants one to? This room will not repair itself

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2022.01.24 08:47 niuz-bot Prima tranșă de vaccinuri Pfizer pentru copiii de 5-11 ani sosește marți în România / 3.355 de programări în platformă - [Articole]

Prima tranșă de 114.000 doze de vaccin Pfizer pentru copiii de 5-11 ani sosește marți în România. Până acum, au fost făcute 3.355 de programări… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/prima-transa-de-vaccinuri-pfizer-pentru-copiii-de-5-11-ani-soseste-marti-in-romania-3-355-de-programari-in-platforma.html
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2022.01.24 08:47 Reference_Background What's the best way to charge for a product

So we soon going to launch a startup and it seems that we lack knowledge about markets, deals, etc... if someone can link something, it would be really appreciated.
Let's say we have found a customer who will buy our product (software),How are we going to charge him : one-time payment or subscription? and why ?
Does it depend on the laws of the country ?
thanks alot
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2022.01.24 08:47 lexiq_baeb Call for code review on a small logging library

Hello everyone!
For the last few weeks I've been working a small and customizable logging library. Here is the code I've came up with: https://github.com/x4204/twig.

What this library aims to give its users:
What this library doesn't aim to give its users (at least for now):

Please have a look at the code. I would like to have your input on:
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2022.01.24 08:47 Kosheeka Primary Cells Versus Cell Lines

Primary cells: Primary cells are separated directly from human or animal tissue. They are then put in an artificial environment in glass or plastic containers with specific media containing essential nutrients and growth hormones to aid proliferation. Despite the fact that primary cells have a finite lifespan, they have a lot of benefits over cell lines. Researchers have had the ability to investigate donors as well as cells when they do primary cell culture.
Cell lines: There are two types of cell lines: finite and continuous. By genetic mutations or artificial alterations, an immortalized or continuous cell line has gained the potential to multiply continuously. After being sub-cultured for 20-80 passages, a limited cell line senesces. For ease of usage, cell lines are used since they are simple to handle and widely available. However, because they have acquired the genuine features of the original tissue from which they have been separated, they are less regarded as a physiologically relevant choice.
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2022.01.24 08:47 TrendingBrokers Investment Planning Strategies: Step-by-Step Guide

We plan so many things in our lives. The realisation of plans calls for aims, organisation, information, and compromise. Successful plans also call for a good deal of financial planning. Pursuing an investment planning process ought considerably to amplify the possibility of developing a winning financial plan.
What are the 4 investment strategies? Or How do I set up an investment strategy?

The aims and goals will guide the Investment planning strategies and ought to offer a roadmap for your financial future. They ought to contain the following features: achievable and quantifiable; uncomplicated and have a defined time-frame; a distinction between your needs and wants.
They ought to be agreed upon and documented with your financial advisor to aid you to measure progress. They ought also to be reviewed from time to time to get hold of changing situations, making sure they stay relevant. ;
The financial planning process and subsequent success will be contingent upon the clarity and quality of the information you communicate to your advisor. The latter will finish a thorough financial fact-finding assessment to grasp all pertinent & liabilities; risk attitude, capacity, and tolerance. ;
Your financial advisor studies the info offered at the above step. He uses it to make a report that mirrors your ongoing financial profile. The ratios given below are produced to better your understanding of your financial circumstances, amplifying areas of weakness or strength: solvency ratio; savings ratio; liquidity ratio; debt service ratio.
Your attitude, capacity, and tolerance with regard to risk are evaluated with the aid of a psychometrically designed risk tolerance questionnaire regarding investment assets. This is also assessed to evaluate your asset allocation for Investment planning strategies objectives. ; Learn about Forex risk management strategies.
The financial plan is built on the basis of the info gotten in step # 2, and e analysis is detailed in the step given above. Each of the goals and aims in the very first step ought to be addressed, a recommendation for each pinpointed. These will embrace –
Presented, the report is explained, discussed, then signed by both advisor and client.
When plan analysis and development are finished, the advisor will delineate the course of action most beneficial to you. This could be concerned with the implementation of :
The advisor may see to the implementation of said recommendations. Conversely, he could be your coach keeping you in the loop while managing the process with inputs from investment managers and accountants. He may also deal with financial product providers.
Investment planning is a dynamic ongoing process that calls for continual monitoring. The review of the action recommended in the plan ought to be regular. The goals ought to be reviewed each year to take into consideration changes in income, asset values, business or personal circumstances.
What are the steps in the investment planning process? Or What is the best strategy for a beginner investor? Your Investment planning strategies are akin to your game plan to build your portfolio. The strategy has to be compatible with your life goals and investment objectives.
We usually spend a decent amount of time planning sundry things. However, we ought to pay equal attention to mapping out our investment strategy and plan for growing and retiring.
Investing your money sans Investment planning strategies is akin to a football team entering the field minus their playbook. Creating an Investment planning strategy has to be your topmost priority.
Defining Investment planning strategies The majority of financial planners are in agreement that the following are the starting steps to a successful investment strategy:
An Investment planning strategy is an instruction booklet that guides you thru the investment process. It can aid you in jettisoning many probable investments that could perform poorly over time or that are not suited to the investment goals you are seeking to achieve.
When designing an Investment planning strategy it is vital to quantitatively figure out what you are trying to achieve. Saying that you only want to make money does not help. A better aim would be your setting the target of an average of 8% average annual return on my investment contributions over the coming decade to have a GBP 200,000 portfolio that could be used to buy a second home.
The more clarity regarding the aim, the better. And that’s not all. There are diverse Investment planning strategies that apply to diverse investment aims, the key is pairing the right strategy with the right aim.
Investment planning strategies – Types Value investing: Investment planning strategies There are diverse investment types. However, the most popular one is value investing. The principle underpinning value investing is simple – purchase stocks that are affordable. They ought to be based on their long-term earnings potential. Under-priced stocks are to be found thru research on underlying companies’ fundamentals. It takes months or years for their price to appreciate.
The buy and hold strategy demands a patient investor who aims to keep money invested for a handful of years. If you are planning on investing in the stock market for a minimum of 5 years, consider PrimeFin. It is the best place to get stock packs. Read our Primefin Review.
Read more ............
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2022.01.24 08:47 toilet_paper666 Hoe eet je pannekoeken

View Poll
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2022.01.24 08:47 Kezzva Photo From Before Our Weather Went to Shit.

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2022.01.24 08:47 Akimbo_Model_1887 How do I use the ark shops in molded servers?

I've been trying different molded servers and, when I try to use the shop commands it says, "You do not have permision to use this kit"
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2022.01.24 08:47 Apprehensive_Sun_OfA Online dating - is that the only option left?

Online dating terrifies me. The whole idea of seeing each others photos and then meeting up to size each other out seems like so much pressure not to mention unnatural. It feels like sex is expected and even it it isn’t you have to figure out if you vibe. And the whole context is a romantic connection.
I can’t bring myself to do it even though it’s the norm. The idea of meeting up just to size each-other up and figure out if you’re suitable feels like a meat market and make me feel small.
I need a connection and time for feelings to evolve. I want a spark.
How do you meet someone without having to online date?
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2022.01.24 08:47 neburcorreia Landscapes & Drives

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2022.01.24 08:47 cyka_dropthat Vintage Sample Pack - RECYCLED vol.1

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2022.01.24 08:47 Algm21 II - The High Priestess - ProtonTarot: Exclusive collection for Crazy Draco holders

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2022.01.24 08:47 nautika It's cold and heat not working

I had got the ecobee installed a while ago and my friend showed me how to install.
my old thermostat wiring
ecobee wiring
For some reason I was told not to connect the 1 wire to o/b.
Everything ran fan in the summer, but now it's cold and the heat isn't working. I hear it come on and the flame is lit up, but it does not seem to warm up the house. Should I connect the 1 wire left off into o/b? I'm assuming that's what the issue is
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2022.01.24 08:47 PatrioticSoul FLASHBACK: Larry Elder moderated the 2016 Libertarian Presidential Debate.

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2022.01.24 08:47 jxwxd_19 Website for Notes

Hey guys! I've made a website for all the notes that I've made for AS-Level subjects, like Chemistry, Physics, Statistics 1, Pure Maths 1, and Computer Science, and I'm planning on making more. I hope these notes help you as much as they help me. Good luck for AS! https://notesbyjawad.wordpress.com/
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2022.01.24 08:47 ShortAlgoBear The chart is demonstrating a bullish pattern. Waiting for short signal on $AMPY with UltraAlgo.

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2022.01.24 08:47 jobcron Një antologji, me mbi 100 përralla popullore shqiptare të përkthyera në spanjisht

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2022.01.24 08:47 dacruciel I lost a $100 note at Regatta Point today. Greatful for its return if anyone found it.

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2022.01.24 08:47 wuanlai65 AlienX a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game | Launching Now !!!

Welcome To AlienX
a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game
Explore the world of Zaidara through a thrilling campaign mode, or battle PVP and reap the rewards
Fully Doxxed Team
Earn Rewards in BUSD
2 Full Audits Done (dessert finance & Techrate)
100% Transparency
V2 contract LAUNCHED on PCS!
NY billboards, celebrities and much more in the next few days.
3% Marketing Fee
1% Charity Donation
2% Buy Back Fee
3% Liquidity Premium
7% BUSD Reflections
3% Marketing Fee
1% Charity Donation
2% Buy Back Fee
3% Liquidity Premium
7% BUSD Reflections
Contract Address: 0x7f84f9A0ae61839D1eeD2B92d0F6AC4A4E59C35C
Website: https://alienxonline.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/AlienxOnline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alienx\_online
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2022.01.24 08:47 AnyBarber5866 Bitcoin Whales Stay Away Even as Technical Indicator Flashes Oversold - *shrugs*

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2022.01.24 08:47 HJenkinsRSN Eva Marie Pays Tribute To Fallen Soldier With Hero's Workout

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2022.01.24 08:47 wiredog369 Maine police respond to man carrying his severed arm cut off near shoulder: report

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