[News Shorts] Omicron variant could spell 'end of the pandemic': O'Neill ¦ Sky News Australia

2022.01.24 07:37 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Omicron variant could spell 'end of the pandemic': O'Neill ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.24 07:37 castoff-filth This is all Josh Allens fault all he had to do was pick heads

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2022.01.24 07:37 29996 My very own Ork "ancient"

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2022.01.24 07:37 Ricosss Metabolic Adaptions/Reprogramming in Islet Beta-Cells in Response to Physiological Stimulators—What Are the Consequences (Pub Date: 2022-01-01)

Metabolic Adaptions/Reprogramming in Islet Beta-Cells in Response to Physiological Stimulators—What Are the Consequences Abstract Irreversible pancreatic β-cell damage may be a result of chronic exposure to supraphysiological glucose or lipid concentrations or chronic exposure to therapeutic anti-diabetic drugs. The β-cells are able to respond to blood glucose in a narrow concentration range and release insulin in response, following activation of metabolic pathways such as glycolysis and the TCA cycle. The β-cell cannot protect itself from glucose toxicity by blocking glucose uptake, but indeed relies on alternative metabolic protection mechanisms to avoid dysfunction and death. Alteration of normal metabolic pathway function occurs as a counter regulatory response to high nutrient, inflammatory factor, hormone or therapeutic drug concentrations. Metabolic reprogramming is a term widely used to describe a change in regulation of various metabolic enzymes and transporters, usually associated with cell growth and proliferation and may involve reshaping epigenetic responses, in particular the acetylation and methylation of histone proteins and DNA. Other metabolic modifications such as Malonylation, Succinylation, Hydroxybutyrylation, ADP-ribosylation, and Lactylation, may impact regulatory processes, many of which need to be investigated in detail to contribute to current advances in metabolism. By describing multiple mechanisms of metabolic adaption that are available to the β-cell across its lifespan, we hope to identify sites for metabolic reprogramming mechanisms, most of which are incompletely described or understood. Many of these mechanisms are related to prominent antioxidant responses. Here, we have attempted to describe the key β-cell metabolic adaptions and changes which are required for survival and function in various physiological, pathological and pharmacological conditions.
------------------------------------------ Info ------------------------------------------
Open Access: True (not always correct)
Authors: * Philip Newsholme * Jordan Rowlands * Roselyn Rose’Meyer * Vinicius Cruzat
Additional links: * https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8773416
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2022.01.24 07:37 Professional-Face345 Can you end up the dragonborn dlc without killing miraak ?

Is it mod or something
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2022.01.24 07:37 Positive-Ad9922 Frosty day in Florida

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2022.01.24 07:37 RuthlessGenetics Question about germination.

So I’m about to start my first grow but I’m very confused on one thing, once my seeds germinate and are ready to be transplanted into their medium , do I need to use a weak light? Or can I use my 480watt FC -4800 LED and just turn it all the way down?
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2022.01.24 07:37 Few-Hall6884 I’m fleece lingerie

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2022.01.24 07:37 loragoblack Copy and paste text into CSGO on Linux

This is a bit of a weird one, but usually when I am on Windows.. I like to open the Steam overlay when I am in CSGO and copy translated sentences from Google using the overlay web browser and paste it into the game chat.
On Linux, however, this is not possible. I am able to copy and paste text into the browser and everywhere else, but when I try to paste into the game chat nothing happens.
I hope this made sense. Does anyone have an idea as to what could be preventing this? Could it be like a clipboard sharing between a VM and a host machine like something needs to be enabled for cross sharing to work?
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2022.01.24 07:37 pugnacious_wanker SRT file does not work when streaming video to iPad

I’m streaming video from PC to iPad. I have a .mkv file and a .srt file in the same shared folder, they are exactly the same filename. In the iOS VLC app only the .mkv file is visible. When streaming the .mkv file, I choose Track 1 from the subtitle box, and nothing happens. No subtitles. How is this possible?
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2022.01.24 07:37 hannes3120 [Titanium White Fennec] [Titanium White Interstellar] [Titanium White Phase-R] [Titanium White Jak'd: Obverse] [Titanium White Fissure]

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2022.01.24 07:37 KindAd3928 Should I become a nurse?

Im sure this has already been posted many times but I am having a small existential crisis and I just gotta know…
I currently work as a vet tech at a 24hr emergency animal hospital. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to go into human nursing as I feel like there’s a lot more room for growth/ so many different avenues to go down compared to being a vet nurse. Im used to working Night Shifts and other weird hours, and although I don’t love it I think I would be ok with it if i felt like I was making a positive difference to peoples lives. Other than that I don’t mind the stressful work environment or blood etc.
But almost everyone I speak to tells me I’m making a mistake and that nursing sucks so I guess I just wanna hear what some actual nurses think.
Thank you!
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2022.01.24 07:37 JobHuntersMod1 CYBERSECURITY Jobs & Paid Internships

Hi JobHunters! If you are looking for entry-level remote Cybersecurity roles, please check out the latest posts on The Remote JobHunters' job board below:
For more roles, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter - https://theremotejobhunters.com/sub-newsletter
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2022.01.24 07:37 freereadingtarot Why I hate Rengoku Gaiden?

As you all know, Rengoku Gaiden is mangaka Ryouji Hirano's work and was accepted by Gotouge to post on Weekly Jump. But for all you who still didn't read it yet, then I have an advice: "If you want to read it, then read it just for fun only, don't combine it with original work." And those are reason why I hate it:

  1. Destroy the character image
In the hands of Crocodile, what kind of person was Rengoku Kyoujurou built? Full convergence of heroic virtues, integrity, courage, extreme responsibility, although a bit sassy, but very careful with words, reliable, more mature than his inherent age. Of course you all know that. And now see how the Gaiden has tarnished that image.
Firstly, commenting on Mitsuri's clothes: あられもない (Doesn't have the look a woman should have, indecent). Seriously, I can't believe Rengoku is a person who can say something like that. A person who is careful in his words, meticulous and delicate, even the words "let's move on together" that he did not dare to say it in Vol 0 but now he innocently criticizes his student as "indecent". WHAT? Like the name I used to call Rengoku, the eldest son of a famous family, would the upbringing Rengoku received since he was still little allow him to spit out such vulgar words? A person when meeting a demon still politely addresses 僕 (boku) - 君 (kimi) but talking to a woman like that? Did this "doujinshi" author really get to know Rengoku well before starting a story about him? With a mother like Miss Ruka and he still didn't learn to respect women?
Second, saying: "俺も炎柱になれば、父上もきっとやる気を取り戻してくれでしょう!" (If I also become the Flame Hashira, perhaps my father will restore his enthusiasm as well.)
Do you know when this words did fake Rengoku uttered? Right at the conference between the Hashiras, in the first Hashira meeting when he was promoted to Hashira, in front of the other senior ones.
A heroic Rengoku, always aware of his responsibility through his mother's teachings, ready to destroy his eardrums without hesitation to defeat the demons in the first mission. A Rengoku who wants to "become great" like his comrades who gave their lives to protect the people. A Rengoku who sacrificed his life to fight against the Upper Three. A Rengoku to death still insists the Hashira's responsibility is to be a shield for the next generation. And a Rengoku that receives absolute trust and respect from the other pillars. Such a Rengoku, now ignorantly said a very selfish and personal sentence at an extremely important event in his life. Unbelievable!
With all the thing that Rengoku has been through, with all the virtues that Rengoku has, is he the one who has the thought of "becoming a Flame Hashira just to cheer up my father"? Where have miss Ruka's teaching, all the thoughts on the remains of his comrades gone? His faith, his will, suddenly turned into "just for his father". Saying that sentence really made me feel that he was even worse than what Shinjurou did.
Rengoku Kyoujurou, is definitely not someone who can do these things.
Not only Rengoku's, Shinazugawa Sanemi 's character image is also destroyed as well.
Sanemi is a brusque, aggressive person, but that doesn't mean he's the kind of person who likes to do whatever he wants, even to commit initiating quarrels at the Hashira meeting, right in the Ubuyashiki mansion, and right in front of Ubuyashiki's eyes. Sanemi respects Ubuyashiki from the bottom of his heart. He could be for Ubuyashiki's sake, willing to withdraw his hand to fight back at Tanjirou when the boy lunged to attack. Being able to speak politely and humbly as a servant before Ubuyashiki, even though he normally speaks with indescribable brute force. He even asked permission before "donating blood" to test Nezuko, even obediently took off his shoes and then enter the room. And most of all, he could cry because of the death of Ubuyashiki in the Infinite Castle. Would such a person cause trouble in Ubuyashiki's residence for no reason?
Maybe the author Gaiden will never know, Sanemi is blunt, but at the same time he is a person who knows how to treat people, is polite and especially does not hate anyone for no reason right from the moment of contact. Firstly. He hates Giyuu, because they have known for a long time. He hates Nezuko, because she's a demon. He hates Tanjirou, because he covers for a demon. That's all. Sanemi clearly loves and hates, and has a specific reason. He was never a rude, unruly thug to the point of causing confrontation with the new Hashira in the first meeting like what Gaiden painted.

2. Breaking the previous timeline that readers envisioned in the story itself
The detail that ruins the timeline here is Shinobu promoted to the Hashira before Rengoku. Not exactly my subjective opinion, but who would have thought that when Rengoku had just received the position of the Flame Hashira, Shinobu was already sitting right at the meeting. If we follow this timeline, isn't it funny how Shinobu promoted right after Kanae died, at the age of 14. Although I put some theories such as Shinobu had achieved Kinoe rank when Kanae died and the Hashiras was short of personnel so she was promoted, but I still feel inadequate. At that time, I still think that Rengoku became Hashira first, and Shinobu was only a junior who promoted in the same year as Muichirou. Anyways, it's just a personal opinion anyway, so it's hard to have enough evidence to prove it. But stil, I still feel something is wrong here.
The second timeline breaking detail is the haori that Rengoku wears. In the flashback on Mugen Train in the main story, it's obvious that when Rengoku has just leveled up as a Hashira, he wears his family's heirloom "hokage" haori to show off to his father, right? But in Gaiden, that haori was kept in storage by Rengoku, and instead of that he wore plain, shorter and sleeveless haori, even when going to a Hashira meeting or on a mission with his successor Mitsuri. Haori with fire motifs has become a trademark, a mark through many generations of Flame Hashiras, but suddenly now it's his turn to fold up and wear an unrelated haori? Rengoku is a proud person of his family, he even ignored his father's words to strive to succeed the Flame Hashira position, there is no reason for him to abandon the heirloom haori imprinted with glorious history of his family.

3. Matching problem
I don't know if the author arbitrarily added hint because of his interest or fan service, but this action really misrepresents the inherent pure relationship of the characters in the story.
For example, the details of giving a haori shirt and commenting on costumes between the teacher Rengoku and the student Mitsuri. Agree that the two have a teacher-student relationship, but this detail is so redundant, so much so that they are ready to throw away the heirloom haori just to add a little moment that shouldn't be there for both of them. Shipper Rengoku x Mitsuri can be fun, but the one who bias Rengoku and respecting original work like me is quite annoying.
The detail of Mitsuri's costume review are also added to create hints. As noted above, Rengoku's upbringing wouldn't allow him to utter those words. Furthermore, after being a swordsman for so many years, Rengoku has never met a female swordsman other than Mitsuri so that he doesn't know the uniform is unusual? Rengoku knew without saying a few words to point out Mitsuri, to the point that until Mitsuri met Shinobu did she realize that her outfit was too revealing? No, the truth is Rengoku won't notice the way women dress, or notice without saying anything not like in Gaiden.
Other than Rengoku and Mitsuri, this author also tried to put the hint of Shinoby and Giyuu right into the spin off of Rengoku. There is a frame of Shinobu sitting next to Giyuu in the Hashira meeting. But I would like to emphasize and affirm so many times that when going to the meeting, Shinobu is always next to "nanny" Himejima. This has been around since Kanae, not just Shinobu, when going to a meeting, the Kochou sisters would hang out with Himejima. If it wasn't for Himejima, it would have been Muichirou, but now that Mui hadn't joined, only Himejima was left. In the main story, Shinobu never took the initiative to sit next to Giyuu during a meeting, NEVER.

And that's the end, this post is long but thanks for reading anyway!!!
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2022.01.24 07:37 Jack_o_lanterns Japanese horror poem gf

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2022.01.24 07:37 Now-that-is-a-zoot Hair thinning but still getting new growth

I’ve recently started dut after 1 year and a half of fin. Been on min the same length of time.
I’ve started seeing new hair growth around the temples yet overall scalp hair appears to still be thinning.
Is it possible for hair to still thin whilst still getting new growth?
I’m not diffuse thinning however appreciate that it may be a dut shed after switching medication
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2022.01.24 07:37 Sancroth_2621 Filebeat autodiscover on k8s

Recently i got a new job in pure devops.
Lads here work mainly on k8s clusters. I have been tasked with creating network policies to secure all pods as much as possible and this led me to a few monitoring pods, like filebeat.
I come from a sysadmin background so i do have experience with beats and ELK, but bare metal style. So a filebeat service per server configured properly to handle server and app logs.
Here they are deploying a daemon set which spawns a filebeat pod per node, mounts /valog and container logs, /valib/dockecontainers and uses autodiscover.
Now this is the part that bugs me and i do not understand. How does the kubernetes provider autodiscover works? The way i see it right now, on these setups, is that each filebeat pod works the same way as a bare metal works. it monitors and parses all logs found under:

on it's perspective node(daemon set).
What i would expect from such a utility is to spawn a pod and autodiscover would somehow, with some extra configuration, the filebeat pod to find out with timed sampling that a new pod/node spawned and exec something like kubectl logs -f ${pod.name} and not simply read the mounted logs. It seems like a wrong usage or approach to me but i might just be wrong here plus audodiscover mentions -nodes- but all i see here is information for pods and pods only.
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2022.01.24 07:37 Weird_Platform6144 One of these or baby torres (untradable) next to mid cruyff?

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2022.01.24 07:37 Few_Ice_6576 i love rainy season 😌 ❤🌧

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2022.01.24 07:37 CheckLow3236 Join my Live Group "THE HANGBANG (w/Evie)", ONLY valid for 24h.

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2022.01.24 07:37 optionhome The so typical White female Liberal moron

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2022.01.24 07:37 Appropriate_Result30 Really confused. Advice welcome

I had a pretty bad break up last year with someone I’m starting to realize is a narcissist. I was pretty traumatized but I’m working on healing from it. I have had a friend for 8 years (since we were 18) and I call him from time to time to talk. He was really one of the only people my ex didn’t try to stop me from staying in touch with.
Anyways, I called him to vent a bit and catch up and I discussed my recent revelation. He didn’t seem very responsive so I just brought up some examples and ended up saying I should have known it would be bad when he refused to be friends if I wouldn’t date him… well, it brought up a conversation with my friend about how he asked if there was anything between us 6 years ago and when I said no he dropped it and stayed friends. He told me it was because he valued me as a friend and knew either way he wanted to stay in my life and clearly my ex didn’t. Everything seemed fine but suddenly he sort of starts to say mean things to me. He told me I was socially awkward because after I was traumatized by this break up and I went to a party with him and his girlfriend I sort of ranted to them and 2 of their friends about it… but it was right after it happened and I actually ended up staying friends with them after that night so clearly it wasn’t that bad.
Then he told me I was one of the most type A people he has ever met and I was mean. He didn’t give me examples other than the fact I took over a class project and got everyone an A in college- which he always acted thankful for in the past. It really came out of nowhere and I’m really hurt and self conscious now. Im just really second guessing myself. Do you all think he was just hurt and striking out? Or should I really be concerned? I feel like someone that thinks I’m such an awful/awkward person wouldn’t stay friends with me for this long? I’m truly trying to think of anything that could be a problem. 2 months ago he was having troubles with work and wanted to apply to be my secretary before he figured things out with his job. I really couldn’t imagine trying to work for someone I thought was like that. I’m so lost
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2022.01.24 07:37 PavloPub Multiple input languages using physical keyboard and GBoard - is it possible?

Since years, there were difficulties using non-Samsung keyboard in Dex. Though, for some time it's possible to enable GBoard in Dex.
However, I still can't figure out how to configure multiple languages and switching between them smoothly for combination of dex+gboard+physical KB. OneUI 4, Android 12.
Though I do have inp.lang. switching enabled (Shift+space, shift+alt,...), none of them works.
And I suspect due to the fact I can select only one language in physical KB settings. At least when I open physical KB settings, I can change input language, but I don't see any option to "enable" multiple input languages. I also do see both GBoard and Smaung KB under my physical KB settings, I dunno if that's "OK".
Is it working for anyone here? How have you configured it?
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2022.01.24 07:37 Gerard192021 My Thoughts when Monique renamed herself “Mo Heart”:

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2022.01.24 07:37 chrisztech Mutually exclusive cells on multiple sheets from a list of entries

Morning All,
Hopefully someone can help.
Basically on one sheet I want to be able to add a list of data in to a column, remove any duplicates (easy bit) then on different sheets pick from that list, but they must be mutually exclusive.
sheet1 a1= value 1, a2=value 2, etc
sheet2 pick from list in sheet1 , b3= a1 (value 1)
sheet3 pick from list in sheet1, b3= a2 (value 2), but not allow you to enter value 1
the idea being a list of inputs on sheet 1 can be used to populate other sheets, without repetition or other duplicates.
Any ideas?
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